"You'd think the magical community could find maybe something else to give to the baby."
Piper Halliwell talking about the community.[src]

The Magical Community is a term used to refer to the community of benevolent magical beings other than witches and demons living in the world, magical realms and other planes. These beings are known to regularly interact with each other and come together in times of need.

Members of the Community[]

Notable Incidents[]

  • Mylie mentioned that the sisters were famous even in the underwater community.[14]
  • The magical community showered the manor with gifts shortly before the birth of Wyatt Halliwell.[15]
  • When the Titans were freed from their tomb, several members of the magical community sought shelter and protection at the manor. A few of them helped free Paige after she was turned to stone.[16] Several magical beings, such as Fairies and Leprechauns, helped protect and hide the Elders.[17]
  • When the sisters found Excalibur, several members of the community arrived at the manor to try freeing the sword from the stone.[18]
  • When several inhabitants of Enchanted Forest were cursed by an evil witch, they went to Paige for help. These magical beings later helped the sisters in finding and defeating the Spider demon.[19]

The Magical Community fighting Zankou's minions.

  • A group of magical beings assisted the sisters in their battle against Zankou and his demons. However, the attack failed and the sisters had to resort to other plans.[20]
  • Suspecting that there was evil hidden in Magic School, the sisters asked two Leprechauns to investigate. When they were attacked by demons, they were saved by Billie and Christy. Dumain later decided to turn to entire magical community against the sisters by using magic to distract them while the community was under attack. His plan was succesful as the community turned on the sisters.[21]
  • While fighting the Source of All Evil in his golem form, Paige gathered some magic from several magical beings to defeat him.[22]
  • When Rennek switched magic from magical beings to mortals, the magical community was left powerless and vulnerable. When a Leprechaun showed up at the manor for help, Piper gave him the address of a safehouse for magical beings.[23]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Out of all members of the community, the Leprechauns are the most recurring with a total of 12 appearances. Fairies come second with 10 appearances.
  • While beings such as Fairies and Trolls appeared first in Season 3, the magical community started expanding more rapidly in Season 5, when the show became more fantasy-oriented.
  • While most members of the community are on the side of good, some can be evil as well. Notable examples are the Source's Oracle and the evil Trolls that appeared in "Once Upon a Time".