"This one could incinerate human flesh with his eyes. That must sting."
Piper Halliwell reading about the Kevmay.[src]

The Kevmay are a race of solitary low-level demons who possess the power to incinerate human flesh with their eyes. They are easily recognizable due to their red, glowing eyes and their stature.[1]


"Hey! Big scary demon!"
Piper Halliwell approaching a Kevmay.[src]

In 2001, a grief-stricken Piper Halliwell came across a Kevmay in San Francisco when scrying for random evil in the city. Together with Phoebe and Cole, she drove to its location. Piper stepped out of the car and ran up to the Kevmay while yelling. Angered, he turned around. However, before he got a chance to attack, she blew him up using her combustion power. As the demon exploded, his green blood splashed all over Piper's car. After the vanquish, Piper crossed out the Kevmay entry in the Book of Shadows.

Book of Shadows

The Kevmay


The entry crossed out.

Demons that
can incinerate human
flesh with their eyes.
You will recognize
the Kevmay by their
glowing eyes, and
considerable stature,
lower level demons,
they attack randomly
and work alone.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers

  • Incineration: The ability to incinerate someone, burning them to death. This power is mainly channeled through the eyes.

Notes and Trivia

  • The Book of Shadows entry on the Kevmay was the second page to be defaced. The first entry was the To Relinquish Our Powers spell by Prue[2] and the third time it was the entry on The Necromancer by Grams.[3]
  • The name of this demonic breed was first thought to be Verin, this due to the Book of Shadows entry seen from afar and from a bad angle. However, the name was proven to be wrong when artist of the entry, Dan Haberkorn, released a digital version of the entry for sale.



The Kevmay appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.