"The prophet Mohammed centuries ago used the Hand of Fatima to banish Javna back to wherever the hell he came from."
Piper Halliwell reading from the entry in the Book of Shadows.[src]

The Hand of Fatima is used to banish Javna, a demon who steals youth from the young by invoking the power of the Evil Eye.


In 1998, the demon Javna targets young women in San Francisco while posing as a photographer. The Charmed Ones stumble across one said victim, their friend Brittany Reynolds, and learn that the demon is in town and targeting young women. When Brittany collapses after seeing Javna's studio address, where their sister Phoebe headed, they realize the demon's true identity and rush there to save her. Combined with all of their strengths, they banish the demon.[1]

Book of Shadows


Hand of Fatima page

The Hand of Fatima

The Prophet Mohammed
invoked the Hand of Fatima
centuries ago to
banish Javna back
to the Underworld.[2]

To Invoke the Hand of Fatima (To banish Javna)

Evil eyes, look unto thee
May they soon extinguished be,
Bend thy will to the Power of Three,
Eye of earth, evil and accursed.


Notes and Trivia

  • The actual spell was not seen in the episode in which it was used.
  • The Nicolae Gypsies have the Waffediyok, also known as the Evil Eye, as their family talisman. There is presumably no connection between the two.
  • This spell is referenced in the Witches of East End grimoire.


  1. As seen in "I've Got You Under My Skin".
  2. Although Piper said "wherever the hell he came from", we can interpret this as the Underworld.