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16. Death Takes a Halliwell
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18. Sin Francisco
19. The Demon Who Came in From the Cold
20. Exit Strategy
21. Look Who's Barking
22. All Hell Breaks Loose

Written by: Monica Breen and Alison Schapker

Directed by: Shannen Doherty

Season 3, Episode 14

Episode No. 54

[Scene: A ghost town. A car pulls up. Phoebe and Victor get out. He puts his arm around her and they start walking.]

Phoebe: Alright, dad, spill it. What are we doing here?

Victor: What, can't a father spend a little quality time with his daughter? Especially after all the time we've been apart.

Phoebe: Alright, I take after you, okay. I've inherited all of your tricks, especially your fine art of fibbing.

Victor: I don't know what you're talking about. Tell me a little bit more about this Leo fellow anyway. How did he and Piper meet?

Phoebe: Oh, it was a couple of years ago at the house. He was our handyman.

Victor: Piper's marrying a handyman?

Phoebe: Well, no, he isn't really a handyman. Wait, you do know...

Victor: All I know is he's a nice enough guy who seems to know the big bad secret. Trust me, it's a lot better for a mortal to know he's marrying a witch before the wedding instead of after. Wish I had.

Phoebe: Mortal. Right.

(Phoebe hears a noise coming from one of the buildings. She looks around. Tumbleweed rolls past and a door slams shut.)

Victor: What?

Phoebe: It's nothing. I guess that's why they call it a ghost town, huh?

Victor: What do you mean? Did you actually see something?

Phoebe: What do you mean?

Victor: I mean, like a premonition, or whatever you call it. Alright, I confess. I brought you here hoping maybe you could give me a little bit of your help. I just didn't know how to ask.

Phoebe: Magical help? Dad...

Victor: Well, this place seemed like such a good investment. Too good, actually. Made me think that all the stories were true.

Phoebe: I'm biting. What stories?

Victor: Ghost stories. Something's been keeping people from investing and razing this place for over a hundred years.

Phoebe: So, what, you want me to do a little supernatural inspection?

Victor: Well, yeah. I thought you could do a little Feng Shui on the place and maybe see if there's anything going on.

Phoebe: Okay, first of all, I don't do Feng Shui, and secondly, I can't always get a premonition when I want to. (She hears another noise.) Okay, now I definitely heard that.

Victor: Heard what?

(She hears a glass bottle being smashed.)

Phoebe: Okay, you didn't hear that?

(Suddenly, a cowboy (Bo) gets thrown out of a saloon. Another cowboy walks out.)

Cowboy: You're a dead man, Bo.

Phoebe: Can you see them?

Victor: See who?

Phoebe: (to cowboys) Hey! Hey, what's going on?

Cowboy: Nobody crosses Mr. Sutter.

(The cowboy hits Bo in the face. He flies back right through Phoebe. He runs off and the cowboy shoots at him. They disappear.)

Victor: Phoebe? Phoebe, what's going on? Sweetheart, you're bleeding.

Phoebe: I wouldn't buy this place, dad. Really, really bad Feng Shui.

(She touches her bleeding lip with a handkerchief. A crow squawks near by.)

Opening Credits

[Scene: Manor. Living room. Piper has set the table. Prue comes in.]

Prue: Uh, wait a minute. We have one too many place settings.

Piper: No we don't.

Prue: Okay, uh, you, me, Leo, Phoebe, dad. That's five, we have six.

Piper: So?

Prue: So who is the sixth for?

Piper: Mmm, maybe, um, mum. What? It's my wedding. At least she could be here in spirit, if nothing else.

Prue: Yes, she can be.

(Prue gives her a little hug. Leo orbs in.)

Leo: Wow, looks great. When do we eat?

Piper: Leo, can't you see we're having a sister moment?

Leo: Oh, sorry. Do you want me to go?

Piper: No, I want you to help. This is your rehearsal dinner too, you know.

Prue: So, Leo, you nervous? I mean, only one more week before dum, dum, dum-dum.

Piper: Thanks.

Leo: Well, as long as no demons come bursting through that door, until them, I am fine.

Victor: (from outside) Prue! Piper!

(Victor and Phoebe walk through the front door.)

Piper: (to Leo) You had to jinx it.

Prue: Hey. Phoebe, what happened?

Phoebe: Oh, it's nothing, I'm fine. I just need an aspirin.

Piper: Dad?!

Victor: I don't know what happened. One minute we're just walking around, the next thing I know she's bleeding.

Phoebe: I got into a bar brawl. Well, actually, I didn't. Two cowboys did. Bo and some other guy. I didn't catch his name, but I think he was the bad guy, 'cause he was wearing a black hat. Oh, and they were transparent.

Piper: She must have hit her head.

Prue: Uh-huh.

Victor: Sweetheart, I never would have taken you there if I had any idea.

Phoebe: It's fine, dad. Really, don't worry about it.

Leo: Here, let me take care of that.

(Leo holds out his healing hand but Phoebe stops him.)

Phoebe: No, I'm alright. Dad, why don't you go to the porch and get those town files. You know, maybe there's something in them that can help us.

Victor: Alright.

(He goes outside.)

Phoebe: Dad doesn't know that Leo is a Whitelighter.

Prue, Leo: What?

Piper: Well, I've been meaning to tell him, but considering mum had an affair with her Whitelighter, I didn't think he'd be really receptive to the idea.

Leo: Piper, he's gonna kill me when he finds out.

Piper: Oh, don't be ridiculous, you're already dead.

(Victor comes back in carrying a box of files.)

Victor: Just a lot of investment stuff and background info. I don't see how it's gonna help you find out what happened.

Phoebe: Well, you're the one that called it a ghost town, and since Bo fell through me and I ended up with the same split lip that he had.

Prue: Sounds like a ghost to me.

Leo: It can't be. Ghosts don't bleed.

Piper: Ahem.

Leo: I mean, so I've read in books. Obviously it's not my area of expertise.

Victor: Mine, neither. What do you say we let the supernatural stuff to the pros and go grab a bite?

Leo: I don't know, Mr. Bennett.

Prue: Oh.

(Prue and Piper smile. Prue pats Leo on his back.)

Victor: Victor, please. It's time you called me Victor, son. Come on.

Phoebe: I'm fine. Go ahead.

(Victor and Leo head outside.)

Piper: Great, now I'm dead.

Prue: Alright, why don't we just focus on Phoebe and try and figure out what happened.

Phoebe: I'll get the book.

Piper: I'll get it and maybe a drink.

Phoebe: Ow.

[Cut to a restaurant. Leo and Victor are sitting at a table. A very nervous Leo is gulping down a glass of water.]

Victor: So, Phoebe says you're a handyman.

Leo: Oh? Uh, actually, no. I'm a, I'm a doctor. I mean, not a doctor doctor, per se. More of, like, a counselor doctor. I guide people.

Victor: You make good money?

Leo: Uh, honestly, no. It's more of a calling.

Victor: Leo, I think it's time to come clean.

Leo: You do?

Victor: Yeah. I need to talk to you about something man to man.

Leo: Man to man?

Victor: Well, from one mortal to another. Leo, it's not easy being married to a witch.

Leo: No.

Victor: That's why my marriage to Piper's mother didn't work out. It wasn't because I didn't love her, it was because I wasn't prepared for what was to come.

Leo: Well, I think I'm prepared, sir... I mean, Victor.

Victor: Don't get me wrong, Leo. I want this marriage to succeed. That's why I'm warning you. But there are dangers out there worse than demons and warlocks. You do know about them, don't you?

Leo: Well, yeah, sure.

Victor: Well, the dangers I'm talking about, you're not even gonna see coming. The thing I'm talking about will just sneak up on you and destroy your marriage if you're not careful. Leo, do you know what a Whitelighter is?

Leo: Uh...

[Cut back to the manor. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are in the living room. Piper's looking through the Book of Shadows. Phoebe's lying on the couch. She pulls up the bottom of her blouse to reveal a big bruise.]

Phoebe: Whoa.

Prue: What?

Phoebe: Look, I have a huge bruise. (Prue touches it gently.) Ow.

Prue: Oh. Alright, well, you must have gotten that the same way that you got the split lip from Bo.

Phoebe: I don't get it. He gets beat up and I get his symptoms? How is that possible?

Piper: I wish I knew what I was looking for. I mean, if they're not ghosts, then what are they?

Prue: Well, whatever it is, it's got something to do with the history of that town. You said that they were dressed like cowboys, right?

Phoebe: Yeah, real cowboys right out of the Old West. Uh, the outlaw said something to Bo about a guy named Sutter. Look him up. Maybe he's a demon.

Prue: Wait a minute.

Piper: Did you find something?

Prue: It's more of what I'm not finding. Alright, nothing is dated past April 25, 1873. The maps, the land grants, death certificates. It's almost like time just stopped.

Piper: What do you mean stopped? Like, everybody just died?

Prue: No, like stopped moving forward, literally. It wouldn't be the first time we've come across a time loop.

Phoebe: Nah, we vanquished that demon.

Piper: Wait a minute. (Piper turns to a Time Loop page in the Book.) Well, maybe it's not a demon. Maybe it's a curse. "Certain spiritual traditions believe that a great evil or great injustice can be cursed into a time loop until righted."

Phoebe: So that is probably why this is happening to me. Our job is to right the wrong.

Prue: Yeah, well, we better do it before your symptoms get any worse. (The doorbell rings.) I'll get that.

(Prue gets up and answers the door. Cole stands there holding a bunch of flowers. He looks unshaven. He walks into the foyer.)

Cole: Hey, Prue, long time. Is Phoebe home?

(Prue uses her power on him and he flies across the room, landing on a small table. Phoebe and Piper jump up from the couch.)

Phoebe: What the... Cole, what...?

(Phoebe goes over to him. Cole stands back up.)

Cole: Phoebe, hi. Oh, phew. (He shows her the flowers.) These are for you. (She pushes them away.)

Prue: What the hell are you doing here? Do you have some kind of death wish?

Cole: I told Phoebe last week that I wasn't giving up on her and I, I meant it.

Piper: You talked to Phoebe? He talked to you?

Cole: Uh-huh.

Prue: You said that he was alive. You never said that he was back.

Phoebe: It didn't matter because as I told him, I don't want anything to do with him anymore.

Prue: Oh, well, in that case.

(Prue goes to use her power on him but Piper stops her.)

Piper: Hey, hey, hey! I just set that table. We don't have time to buy a new one before dinner.

Cole: I'm not gonna use my powers against you anyway. In fact, I'm never gonna use them again, ever. It keeps me from being evil.

Prue: No, you will always be evil, you're a demon.

Cole: Half-demon. My human half can suppress it if... Phoebe, you're hurt. What happened?

Phoebe: You know what, Cole? It's none of your business. So, why don't you do yourself a favor and just get...

(Phoebe has a premonition. In it, the cowboy shoots Bo. Bo throws a knife at the cowboy and he falls to the ground. The premonition ends.)

Piper: Phoebe?

(Phoebe falls and Prue and Piper catch her.)

Prue: Phoebe, what happened?

(Phoebe lifts her hand. It is covered in blood.)

Phoebe: I think I've been shot.

(Prue and Piper look at Cole as Phoebe lays there in pain.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Restaurant. Leo and Victor are still there.]

Victor: The thing ism they can orb into their charges' lives any time of the day or night... (He pauses as a waitress tops up his coffee.) Without us mortals even knowing about it. You can't trust the Whitelighters, Leo. They're sneaky little bastards.

Leo: Really? 'Cause Piper says that they're really, really good guys. More of, like, guardian angels.

Victor: That's the party line, Leo, but don't believe it. You can't trust 'em. They have this tendency to fall in love with their charges. Before you know it, they've stolen your wife. The girls' mother, Patty? She fell for her Whitelighter.

Leo: Oh, I thought that happened after you two separated?

Victor: Oh, he was putting the moves on her long before we split up, believe me. Anyway, you know, we never had a chance to get back together because of him. And, um, you know, then she died. Look, my point is, if you wanna...

(The Elders call Leo.)

Leo: Uh-oh.

Victor: What?

Leo: I have to go now.

Victor: Go?

Leo: Yeah, and I don't think you're gonna like the way I have to go, either.

(Leo orbs out. Victor sits there in shock.)

[Cut to the manor. Leo orbs in.]

Leo: What the hell are you doing here?

Prue: Forget about him, Leo. Phoebe's been shot.

Leo: Shot? How did that happen?

Prue: There's no time to explain. Can you heal her?

(Leo starts to heal her.)

Piper: Where's dad?

Leo: Seething probably.

(Leo continues to try and heal her but it doesn't work.)

Cole: What's the matter, Leo? Why isn't it working?

Leo: I don't know. Phoebe, you gotta tell me exactly how this happened.

Phoebe: Um, I don't, I don't really know. I had a-a premonition and I felt Bo get shot and then I came out of it.

Prue: Leo, can you heal her?

Leo: No, because Phoebe wasn't the one that was shot. Bo was.

Piper: What are you talking about? She's bleeding.

Leo: I know, but it's more like a psychic echo. Phoebe is linked to Bo somehow. Whatever he feels, whatever happens to him happens to her.

Cole: Which means Bo must be magical too. The only way they can be linked is through their magic.

Leo: I agree.

Cole: We have to find Bo. Heal him. It's the only way.

Piper: Well, he's been cursed into a time loop along with the rest of the town. And we don't know how to get there, let alone where there is.

Cole: Well, it's gotta be a parallel plane existing in the same physical space as the town.

Prue: You know, I don't think that we need any demonic input right now.

Cole: If I can help save Phoebe's life, you sure as hell do.

Leo: We're listening.

Cole: Look, I move through different planes all the time. It's how I've been hiding from the Source. Shouldn't be any problem to shimmer into Bo's plane and bring him back here so you can heal him.

Piper: You said you don't use your powers anymore.

Cole: Shimmering isn't a lethal power.

Phoebe: Uh, why don't you just take Leo with you and you can heal Bo there?

Leo: I can't. I'm not allowed to work with a demon.

Prue: Fine. I'll go.

Piper: Prue.

Prue: I'm not gonna leave this up to him.

Piper: Well, okay, what if something goes wrong and you get stuck in the time loop and you don't get back before midnight?

Prue: It's not the time loop I'm worried about. Look, why don't you and Leo go to the town, see if you can find anything there to help break the curse. (to Phoebe) You? You hang in there, okay?

Phoebe: Play nice, you two.

Cole: Gotta hold my hand.

Prue: This already sucks.

(Prue holds his hand and they shimmer out. Victor storms in.)

Victor: Leo! You lying little piece of--

(Piper quickly stands in front of Leo.)

Piper: Okay, dad, not now. Stay with Phoebe. We'll be back.

(Leo holds Piper and they orb out.)

Victor: Wha-?

Phoebe: Well, don't get mad at me, I've been shot.

[Cut to the ghost town in 1873. Cole and Prue shimmer in.]

Prue: Oh, wow, it worked.

Cole: You doubted me?

Prue: Yeah, well, for all I know you were gonna take me... Whoa! Aah! (They hear a gunshot and Cole pins Prue against a wall of a building.) Okay.

Cole: Welcome to the Wild, Wild West.

Prue: Alright, just-just so we're clear, I'm in charge here. You're just my ride.

Cole: Fine with me. What's your plan?

Prue: Find Bo, lay low.

Cole: That's a plan?

Prue: Yeah. You got a better one?

(Cole looks her up and down.)

Cole: Maybe, but first I think we better find something a little less conspicuous to wear.

(Prue pushes him away.)

Prue: Fine. Agreed. Any ideas?

(A couple of cowboys carry a dead cowboy out of a building.)

Cole: Yeah. Nothing you're gonna like though.

[Time lapse. Prue and Cole walk into a saloon wearing cowboy clothes.]

Cole: Still think you should have worn that pretty, little red dress drying on the line.

Prue: Yeah, it was a prostitute's dress. Not exactly the kind of impression I wanted to make. At least I'm not wearing some dead guy's clothes.

Cole: Hey, I thought you'd be pleased. At least I'm playing the role of a good guy.

Prue: Yeah, right. Alright, just fact-finding. No getting involved.

(They walk up to the bar.)

Bartender: What'll it be?

Prue: Hi. Moonshine.

Bartener: A what?

Cole: She means Whiskey. Make it two. Leave the bottle. (to Prue) You watch too many old movies.

Prue: And you'd be confusing me with Phoebe.

Cole: Not a chance.

Bartender: Passing through?

Cole: Maybe.

Bartender: Maybe if you're not, you ought to consider it. Things are getting pretty dangerous around here. Friendly advice. Wet your whistle, get back on your horses, and move on as fast as you can.

Prue: Hi. What am I? A potted plant? Talk to me. What's so dangerous?

Bartender: It's nothing to concern your pretty little head about.

Prue: Okay, now that's condescending.

Cole: Lay low, remember?

Prue: Fine.

Cole: You were saying?

Bartender: There's some trouble between a powerful man in town...

Prue: Sutter?

Bartender: How do you know about Sutter?

Prue: This pretty little head knows a lot. So, why don't you talk to both of us now? Tell us what's going on.

Bartender: One of Sutter's men just got killed and now there's gonna be hell to pay.

(Three cowboys walk in the saloon. Everyone turns to look. Sutter walks in behind them.)

Sutter: Where is he? Just so you know, I've already taken the liberty to print up the evening edition. (Sutter holds up a newspaper with the headline "Half-breed to Die at Sundown".) Just so you know how serious this is. All the news that's fit to print. (He turns to Isabel, Bo's sister.) You know where your little brother's hiding, now don't you?

Isabel: Even if I did, I'd never tell you. I'm not afraid of you, Mr. Sutter.

Sutter: Well, if you were smart, you'd be. Of course your kind are not, are they?

(Prue starts to go over but Cole stops her.)

Cole: Hold it. Plan is not to get involved.

(Sutter turns to Cal.)

Cal: I haven't seen Bo, Mr. Sutter, I swear. Not since he took off.

Sutter: You know, you lie to me again, Cal, and I'll do worse than this.

(He holds up a whip. A cowboy stabs Cal's hand with a knife. Prue rushes over and pushes the cowboy away. She takes off her scarf and wraps it around Cal's hand.)

Prue: What the hell is wrong with you people?

Sutter: Well, well, well. What do we got here?

Cole: Uh, Prue?

Sutter: Lady, I don't know who you are or where you come from but you obviously don't have the slightest idea who you're dealing with.

Prue: Oh, please, what a cliché.

(The cowboy stands up.)

Cowboy: I usually don't hit women, but seeing you is dressed like a man, I imagine I can make an exception.

(Prue blocks his punch and smashes a whiskey bottle over his head. Prue gets out her gun and shoots at the cowboy's rifle, making it fly out of his hand. Cole pulls out a rifle and aims is at the men.)

Cole: Don't.

Sutter: No, we'll deal with these two later, after we take care of Bo.

Cowboy: This ain't over. You and me, we got a score to settle.

Sutter: One of you know where he's at. And if you don't tell me, I'm gonna burn this town to the ground looking for him.

(They leave.)

Cole: So much for laying low.

Prue: Yeah.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Saloon. Prue, Cole and Isabel walk outside.]

Isabel: Sutter's in tight with the railroads. He came here a couple of months ago promising to bring the tracks through and make it more than just an old mining town.

Prue: In exchange for what?

Isabel: A piece of everything. The mines, the bank, the newspaper. When folks started resisting, his boys took over. At first everybody stood up to them, but after they killed the sheriff. Cowards.

Cole: Why's Sutter after your brother?

Isabel: Because Bo wouldn't back down. He kept on fighting, trying to get everybody to take back the town.

Cole: Sounds like a brave man.

Isabel: He is. Too bad the others aren't.

Prue: Isabel, we know that Bo is injured. We know that he's been shot. We can help you, but you have to trust us.

Isabel: I do. Bo said you'd come.

Cole: How's that again?

Isabel: Bo, he saw it in one of his dreams. He said that two strangers would come, so, um, I knew.

Prue: Alright, so wait a second. Bo has dreams about the future?

Isabel: Yeah. He has the gift. He inherited it from our father, who was a great medicine man. His name was Soaring Crow.

Prue: Was?

Isabel: He died when we were young. When we moved here, my mother wouldn't allow Bo to talk about his gift. She knew that magic was considered evil in the white man's world.

Prue: Yeah, I know what it's like to have a gift that you have to keep a secret.

Cole: And live in a place where you have to hide half of who you are.

Isabel: Come. I'll take you to Bo. Come.

(They walk over to three horses.)

Cole: Where'd you get the horses?

Isabel: I told you. I was expecting you.

Cole: (in a whisper) I Yi Yi Yi Yi,

(Before Cole mounts the horse)

Cole: You know, I still say we eliminate the threat first, kill Sutter. Probably break the curse anyway.

(They get on the horses.)

Prue: Yeah, well, we don't know that, which is why we need to get to Bo first. You know, Cole, if you want to try your hand at being good, your first instinct shouldn't be to kill.

(They ride off. Cal gets on his horse and follows.)

[Scene: Ghost town in the present. Piper and Leo are there looking around.]

Piper: I don't know what we're supposed to be looking for. Yuck.

Leo: Well, we gotta keep looking, find something that might help us break the curse.

Piper: Like what? There's nothing here but spiders, lizards, and that stupid old crow.

Leo: Oh, come on, let's keep looking. After all, we got a rehearsal dinner to get back to.

Piper: There's not gonna be a rehearsal dinner or a wedding if we don't find a way to save Phoebe.

(The crow lands on the saloon.)

Leo: What is it?

Piper: Phoebe said Bo got into a fight in a bar, right? So that would be the saloon.

Leo: Makes sense. It's a western.

Piper: So it's always the saloon.

(They walk into the saloon. Piper goes behind the bar. Leo looks at a bottle.)

Leo: (reading a bottle) "Hankins Nerve Tonic, calms raw nerves." Think I should bring a bottle back for your dad?

Piper: I don't think that'll do it. There's nothing, there's nothing here. Great brainstorm, huh?

Leo: Actually, I think it was. Look.

(Piper picks up an old newspaper.)

Piper: "Half-breed to die at sundown"?

Leo: On that same date, 1873. Read who's gonna die.

Piper: Bo Light Feather.

Leo: We've got to find a way to warn Prue and Cole that they don't have until midnight.

Piper: Which means neither does Phoebe.

[Cut to the manor. Phoebe is lying on the couch. Victor brings her a glass of water.]

Victor: Here you go. Drink up. (She drinks the water.) What is it?

Phoebe: It's nothing.

Victor: Hey, I didn't come back into your lives just to be kept in the dark. I'm your dad, you can tell me anything.

(She starts to shake.)

Phoebe: I'm dying.

Victor: Oh, come on.

Phoebe: No, I can feel what's happening to me. It's like a... something that you can feel deep inside of you. I-I can't explain it.

Victor: You're sisters are not gonna let that happen, I am not gonna let that happen.

(Leo and Piper orb in.)

Piper: How is she?

Victor: She's gonna be fine.

Piper: Okay, we have to hurry. We found out Bo dies at sundown, except I don't think Prue knows that.

Leo: But we have an idea how to let her know. Phoebe, if you're getting visions from Bo, maybe he can get one from you.

Phoebe: I don't understand.

Piper: Phoebe, if you can will yourself to get a premonition about Bo's death, he might be able to see it too, and then he can tell Prue and Cole that they don't have as much time as they think they do.

Victor: But I thought you said you couldn't always get premonitions when you wanted.

Phoebe: I can't.

Piper: You can try.

(Piper hands Phoebe the newspaper and Phoebe holds it against herself.)

[Scene: 1873. Cole and Prue are following Isabel to Bo's hideout.]

Cole: Any idea what we should say to him?

Prue: We're not gonna say anything. I'll do the talking.

Cole: You know, it wouldn't kill you to be nice to me.

Prue: Really. It's funny you should say that, considering how many times you actually tried to kill me.

Cole: That's all in the past, Prue.

Prue: Right. After all this is done, you need to leave us alone. Otherwise, we'll have to do to you what we should have done in the first place, which is vanquish you.

Cole: Then that's what you're gonna have to do because it's the only way you're gonna keep me away from Phoebe.

(Isabel turns to Prue and Cole.)

Isabel: Are you guys ready to go in? Uh, something wrong?

Prue: No, nothing that I can't handle.

(They walk into the small building. It looks like an old church. Bo is lying in the corner. He is holding a cloth against his wound.)

Isabel: He's very weak. I tried to pull the bullet out but it's in too deep. Bo. Bo. How are you doing?

Bo: What's the matter with you? Who the hell are they?

Isabel: It's okay. They've come to help.

Prue: Just like in your vision, remember?

Bo: I don't know what you're talking about.

Isabel: Bo, I told them.

Bo: Too much apparently. We don't need your help. Just leave now.

Prue: Bo, my sister gets visions too, and she had one of you getting shot, alright? We're here to help you.

Cole: And help her.

(Bo pulls out a knife.)

Bo: It's a trick. Sutter sent you. I know he did.

Isabel: No, they stood up to Sutter. You should have seen it.

Bo: Just get out of here!

Cole: We're not going anywhere.

Bo: I know that look. Sutter's got it too. You're evil. I can sense it.

Prue: Alright, then just look at me. You can't say the same thing about me can you? Bo, this isn't just about you, alright? My sister will die too. This whole town will if you don't let us help you.

Isabel: They think that something Sutter is going to do will trigger a curse. The kind that father used to speak about.

Prue: If we show you that we have gifts too, will you trust us then? (to Cole) Show him.

Cole: Show him what?

Prue: You're gift. Show him your gift.

(Cole shimmers out and then shimmers back in.)

[Cut to Sutter. He breaks a bottle with his whip. Three cowboys walk in.]

Sutter: This better be good.

Cowboy: We couldn't find him, boss.

Sutter: Now you listen to me and you listen real good. Bo's giving the townsfolk ideas and I don't want 'em getting ideas.

Cowboy #2: No one knows where he's at and if they do, they ain't talking.

Sutter: Well, you make 'em talk. This town is mine and it's gonna stay mine. When that railroad comes through, and mark my words it will, I'm selling this land, and that land's gonna be worth more than any of you three are capable of imagining. (Cal walks in.) You better have something useful to tell me, Cal.

Cal: I know where Bo is hiding.

Sutter: Finally. Someone knows what's good for him.

[Cut back to the church. Prue takes off her gloves.]

Prue: Alright, the first thing that we need to do is to get that bullet out of you. (She kneels down beside him.) Uh, this is gonna hurt.

(Prue takes the cloth off of his wound. She uses her power to remove the bullet. Bo and Phoebe yell in pain. They receive a premonition of Sutter whipping Bo. Isabel is being restrained. Sutter then shoots Bo. The premonition ends.)

Bo: I believe you.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Living room. Phoebe is crying hysterically. Piper is trying to calm her down.]

Piper: It's okay, you're okay. Take a deep breath.

Phoebe: I saw what they're gonna do to Bo. It was horrible!

Leo: Do you think he saw it too?

Phoebe: I know he did. I felt him. Nobody did anything. They didn't help him. Nobody did anything.

Victor: So what do we do now?

Leo: There's nothing else we can do but wait. It's up to Prue and Cole.

Victor: And you call yourself their guardian angel? What the hell good is a Whitelighter if all you can do is stand there and watch my daughter die?

Phoebe: Dad, please.

Piper: You're not helping.

Victor: And he is? Why don't you do something? Isn't that your job?

Leo: I am doing something, I am trusting your other daughter Prue. You know, I know that you feel helpless. We all do. But Prue is not gonna let Phoebe die and neither is Cole.

Victor: Oh, so now I'm supposed to trust a demon?

Leo: You know, as much as I hate to say this, Cole loves Phoebe. He took a huge risk to come here and try and prove himself to her and he will do whatever it takes to save her life.

Phoebe: He's right.

Victor: How can you be so sure?

Phoebe: Because he loves me as much as I love him.

[Cut back to the church. Sutter and his men are riding up to it.]

[Cut inside. Prue does something to her gun.]

Isabel: You learn fast.

Prue: Thanks. I have a few gifts too.

(Cole looks out the window.)

Cole: Sutter's men just showed up. We better get Bo out of here.

Isabel: What? How did they find us?

Cole: We must have been followed. I'll shimmer him back to Leo, then come back for you two.

Prue: No.

Cole: What do you mean, no? He dies, Phoebe dies.

Prue: Taking Bo out of here will not break the time loop.

Cole: It'll save Phoebe.

Prue: Yeah, well, there's more than just Phoebe's life on the line here, Cole. We have to break the curse by sundown, otherwise this entire town is doomed to repeat the same day over and over again.

Cole: Are you seriously telling me you're willing to sacrifice your sister's life for a town full of cowboys?

Prue: What I'm saying to you is that there's a great good at stake here, one that I can't just walk away from and one that you shouldn't walk away from if you truly expect to be good.

Man: We know you're in there, Bo. Come out with your hands up and nobody gets hurt. What's it gonna be, Bo?

Cole: Alright, how do we break the curse?

Prue: I don't know, but I do know that it hinges on keeping Bo alive.

Bo: No, it doesn't. The curse isn't about me or about Sutter. It's about them. The townspeople who stood there and watched me die. The only way is for me to give myself up.

Isabel: No.

Bo: It's okay, Isabel. Have faith.

Cole: And they'll kill you.

Bo: Maybe. This curse came from my father's people. I understand that now. It's meant to heal, to teach the townspeople to act without shame. I have to give them that chance.

Prue: Helping them to save you saves themselves.

(Bo opens the door and white doves fly out. He raises his hands.)

[Time lapse. Sutter's men are riding their horses through the town with Bo being dragged behind. They stop and a man takes Bo to Sutter.]

Sutter: I want you all to see what happens when people cross me.

(Sutter pushes Bo on the ground. Cole, Prue and Isabel arrive.)

Isabel: No! No!

Prue: Don't! He knows what he's doing.

(Bo stands back up and Sutter starts to whip him. Phoebe feels it too.)

Sutter: What's the matter, boy? You too stupid to scream? I want you to beg for mercy.

(Sutter continues to whip Bo.)

Prue: (to the townspeople) What are you people doing? Look at him. He has the courage to fight Sutter for all of you. You can just stand there and watch him die. You have to do something! You can take him down!

Cole: Sutter can't take all of you out. You need to do what's right!

Prue: You cannot just stand by and let this happen. Stand up to him! Don't be scared.

Sutter: Nobody crosses me.

(Sutter gets out his gun and points it at Bo. The bartender shoots Sutter's gun out of his hand.)

Bartender: I think you just oughta leave Bo alone, Sutter.

Sutter: You just signed your own death certificate.

(Cal points his gun at Sutter.)

Cal: If you wanna kill Bo, you're gonna have to kill me too.

(The townspeople all point their guns at Sutter. Isabel runs over to Bo.)

Isabel: Are you okay? (Sutter grabs Isabel by the hair.) Aah!

Sutter: Anybody comes after me and she's dead.

Cole: (to Prue) Now can we do something?

Prue: Oh, yeah. (Sutter lets go of Isabel, jumps on his horse and rides off. Everyone chases him. Prue gets on a horse and follows him. She shoots at him and he falls off the horse. He tries to run away but Prue shoots him in the chest. She gets off the horse and uses her power on him. He flies into the sheriff's office. Bo and Isabel catch up to Prue.) I don't think Sutter's gonna be a problem anymore.

Bo: What about the curse?

Prue: It's a beautiful sunset isn't it? I don't think there's been one quite like it in 128 years.

(They hear a gunshot.)

[Cut to the saloon. Cole and the cowboy are there. Cole goes to shoot at the cowboy but is out of bullets.]

Cowboy: Looks like you're outta bullets. I'm gonna enjoy this. See you in hell.

Cole: Been there, done that.

(The cowboy pulls out his gun and Cole throws a lightning ball at him. Prue walks in. Cole laughs at the cowboy. He turns around and sees Prue standing there.)

Prue: Like I said, once a demon always a demon.

(Prue walks back out. Cole throws his hat on the ground.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Living room. Piper, Phoebe, Leo and Victor are waiting for Prue and Cole.]

Victor: So where are they?

Leo: I don't know, unless they didn't make it out.

Piper: Don't even say it, don't even think it.

(Cole and Prue shimmer in. Cole has his arm around her. She quickly pushes it away from her.)

Prue: Eew!

Piper: Finally.

Victor: What took you so long? We've been worried sick.

Cole: Sorry, we had a few, uh, loose ends to tie up.

Prue: (to Phoebe) Are you okay?

Phoebe: I'm great. Thank you. Both of you.

Leo: And the time loop?

Prue: Broken. They will never have to live through that horror again.

Victor: So then, um, where are they?

Prue: I don't know. Probably living out their lives in a parallel plane, I guess.

Leo: You don't think about it too much, Victor. It'd just give you a headache.

Piper: Okay, um, anybody up to a rehearsal dinner?

Phoebe: Absolutely. I'm starving.

(Everyone heads for the dining room.)

Cole: Well, I guess I should be going.

Prue: Yeah, that would probably be a good idea.

(Phoebe walks over to Cole.)

Phoebe: You're not going anywhere.

Cole: Phoebe, I don't want to cause any trouble.

(Phoebe kisses him. Everyone looks away.)

Phoebe: You're staying and that's that.

Piper: Alright then, shall we?

Cole: Yeah.

(They go into the dining room. A crow lands on the window sill outside.)