Parasite Demon: "Easy for you to say. You have powers of your own."
The Crone: "And I enjoy using them."
— The Crone shortly before vanquishing a Parasite Demon.[src]

The Crone was a centuries-old demonic Seer, representing and advising those in power both from the Demonic Market and the Underworld. She was a methodical and ruthless upper-level demon noted for her meticulous planning to accomplish her goals.

Foreseeing the power and future of the Twice-Blessed Child, Wyatt, the Crone, like many other demons, was intent on acquiring the infant's power. However, unlike most of the evil community, the Crone favored a more subtle strategy to steal the boy as opposed to all-out attacks on the Charmed Ones which ended the lives of so many other demons seeking Wyatt. So much so that in an attempt to gain at least some of the Charmed Ones' trust, the Crone crafted a decree that no more demons were to attack the Twice-Blessed Child. Ultimately this action would be revealed to not be forged in good faith rather it ensured that no one would prevent her from gaining the knowledge she so coveted.


First Encounter with the Charmed Ones[]

"Nothing. You have proven that the costs of a war will far outweigh the benefits. Consider this our white flag. Now I suggest you rest well and preserve your energies. From what I've foreseen you're going to need them."
—The Crone to the sisters.[src]

After trying to kill Wyatt, the last one left of the parasite demons retreated to the Demonic Market. Crone blamed them for the destruction the Charmed Ones had caused and destroyed him. The Charmed Ones run in just as she commits the act. Crone then offers Wyatt's baby blanket as a "peace offering". She promised the sisters that no further attempts would be made on Wyatt's life. She advised them to rest and conserve their energy, as they would need it later as she had foreseen.

The Monkey Totem and Vanquish[]

Crone: "I've seen everything. Such power. Such power!"
Piper: "You wanna see real power, lady?"
— Piper and Crone, seconds before her vanquish[src]

Crone first posed a threat foreseeing baby Wyatt growing up to be an immensely powerful force of good. She went to extreme lengths to stop attacks on Wyatt so as to spare demonic lives, even passing a law against killing him, which would later be broken on several instances in the coming years, none ever once successfully killing him.


The Crone seeing Wyatt's future.

She later stole the Charmed Ones' senses; Paige's voice, Piper's eyesight, and Phoebe's hearing specifically. She accomplished this through the use of an artifact known as the Monkey Totem. Crone also enlisted the help of the Kazi king and his warriors to distract the Charmed Ones, all in an attempt to touch Wyatt and use her power of premonition long enough to learn all she can about his future. She kidnaps Leo and traps him inside a glass prison full of water. She eventually accomplishes her goal, saying how powerful Wyatt is only to be vanquished seconds later.

Powers and Abilities[]

Basic Powers
Active Powers
  • Premonition: The ability to see future, present, and past events in time. She was able to see certain events at will, as demonstrated when she received a premonition while touching Wyatt Halliwell.
  • Glistening: A form of teleportation, which leaves a glistening contour of the body for a moment.
  • Energy Sparks: The ability to shoot beams of energy sparks capable of vanquishing beings.
  • Molecular Dispersion: The ability to utterly destroy beings or objects by ripping them apart on a molecular level.
  • Resurrection: The ability to bring other beings back from the dead. Crone once resurrected a Kazi after it was vanquished.
  • Summoning: The ability to draw or transport a being or objects to the user.
Other Powers
  • Immortality: The ability to possess an inifinite lifespan and an arrest aging process.

Book of Shadows[]


The Crone[]

The Crone is a well
known and respected
advisor of evil whose
ability to foresee the
future makes her
valuable. Heard of more
than seen, she is an
upper level demon who
possesses upper level
demonic powers. A
high level demonic
vanquishing spell
can kill her.

Notes and Trivia[]

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  • Before being vanquished, the Crone is quite shaken by what she foresaw about Wyatt. It is possible that she foresaw Chris' dark future, where Wyatt was evil and unopposed.
  • In the Book of Shadows entry, the Crone has blonde hair, yet when she is seen on the show, she has gray hair. This little mistake was made when the wig for the Crone was changed from a blond to a grey one day after the Book of Shadows entry was made. Brad Kern thought a grey wig made her look scarier. This can be explained in storyline as the Crone becoming older since the witch that added her entry to the book saw her.
  • The Crone is the only Upper Level demon to not have any intentions of killing the Charmed Ones.
  • The cycle of the Crone going through hoops to uncover a truth and getting subsequently vanquished by the Charmed Ones would repeat itself with Paul Haas.
  • The Book of Shadows entry says she can be vanquished with a spell, but the Charmed Ones use a potion.
    • When Phoebe asked if there was a potion to vanquish her, Paige pointed to the entry and said there was, but the entry on the Crone doesn't mention a vanquishing potion.
  • In the Pagan Religion known as Wicca, the Crone is the final aspect of the Goddess following the lunar cycles. She is said to be old but also wise.


The Crone appeared in a total of 2 episodes throughout the course of the series.