The Crimson Spell is the 3rd of the Charmed novels.

It takes place between Season 2 Episode 4 "The Devil's Music" and Episode 9 "Ms. Hellfire", as P3 has already gotten its big break, but Prue has not yet received her power of Astral Projection.


Evil thoughts and dark desires
Boil and burn in a wicked brew!
Throw hate and fear into the fire
May friends and lovers both be true

Prue, Piper and Phoebe don't know that a coven of warlocks is hunting them. They don't know that one of the warlocks has entered their lives disguised as a friend. And they don't know the coven's mission—to drain them of their magical powers, even if it means destroying them to do it!

Now the Charmed Ones must figure out which of their friends is really their enemy.

Because sometimes what you don't know—can kill you.



  • Prue Halliwell: The eldest sister with the power of Telekinesis. She befriends a woman who owns a wicca shop, completely unaware of her friend's involvement with darkness.
  • Piper Halliwell: The middle sister with the power of Molecular Immobilization. Piper volunteers to a program to help orphaned kids and befriends a young girl named Celeste.
  • Phoebe Halliwell: The youngest sister with the power of Premonition. She has recently begun lessons in karate, where she meets a handsome man named Kenji. The man who seems to hold her heart is not what he claims to be.


  • Celeste Bailey: An orphan and warlock member of the Coven of the New Sun. She is sent to get close to Piper in order to obtain the Charmed Ones' powers, but later helps defeat the coven. Her power is Energy Projection.
  • Kenji Yamada: Occult reporter pretending to be a member of the Coven of the New Sun. Phoebe's love interest, sent to get close to her.
  • Justin Morgan Leader of the Coven of the New Sun, and head of the Sunrise Center. He set up for Adrienne, Celeste and Kenji to get close to the sisters separately so that they may weaken their powers before claiming them. His power was Shapeshifting.
  • Adrienne: A warlock member of the Coven of the New Sun, and owner of Full Moon. She was sent to get close to Prue.
  • Sensei Towers: Phoebe's karate teacher. A young Jamaican man with a 3rd-degree black belt.


  • Daria: Celeste's nosy roommate.
  • Joey: Busboy working at P3. He accidentally cut himself once. When Piper accidentally froze herself, Joey saved her from a falling shelf.


  • Laura: Waitress at P3. She and Craig had to take the busboy Joey to the emergency room after he accidentally cut his hand open.
  • Craig: Bartender at P3. He and Laura had to take the busboy Joey to the emergency room after he accidentally cut his hand open.

Magical Notes

Book of Shadows

The Coven of the New Sun

The content is mostly unknown, but Prue read that the 'new sun' referred to a source of power they called upon. They tried to destroy the Warren line back in 1888, but failed. The red ribbons they sent out were magical talismans of some kind, and they were used as spells that the coven has put in place.
  • Prue found a protection spell that included sage, salt, a shell for burning the sage, poke root, yarrow, a white candle, and other ingredients.


To Free a Loved One from a Warlock's Grasp

Loosen knots, dark magic unbind,
Free the one whose heart is tied to mine!

To Redirect Binding Magic

Green as grass, green as the ocean's curl,
Light become web and bind he who'd harm the girl.
Green is the light, green shall it bend,
Bind this warlock and hold till time's end!

To Free Someone from Magical Binds (Reversed Version)

Use if your powers turn against you
Ropes that bind, bind tighter still.
Confound me not, obey my will.

To Unbind (Reversed Version)

Magic strands with power true,
Never fail to bind these two.

To Restore Inverted Powers

Magic that binds will now unbind,
Restore their powers in full and in kind.

To Bind the Coven Master with Magic

Bind him hard, bind him fast.
Throughout time shall this spell last.



Notes and Trivia

  • On the Russian version cover page it mistakenly shows Phoebe, Piper and Paige of the 5th season.
  • Phoebe has her own car in this novel, while on the show, she doesn't get one until after "Witch Way Now?".


  • While freezing Celeste, Piper noticed when her power was wearing off. This is inaccurate as the negation is instantaneous.
    • Another error, Piper was aware of her surroundings when she accidentally froze herself. This should not have been the case, since whoever was frozen would have their consciousness frozen as well.
  • Noted in the book, Prue has some innate sensing ability, demonstrated when Adrienne tried to project telekinetic powers.

International titles

  • French: Le sortilège écarlate (The Crimson Spell)
  • Russian: Aloje koldovstvo (Scarlet Witchcraft)
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