The Book of Shadows: The Unofficial "Charmed" Companion is the unofficial companion guide to Charmed published by Three Rivers Press on the October 10th of 2000. It covers the first two seasons of the series. This book has not been prepared, approved, licensed, endorsed, or in any way authorized by any entity that created or produced Charmed.


The ultimate guide to the hit program Charmed, this is both a book of spells and a key to the mysteries of the show. The Book of Shadows celebrates the best of Charmed, from its roots in the ancient tradition of Wicca to insider information on the show's stars. N.E. Genge not only provides fascinating background details for the show's Wiccan elements, but also guides readers in performing their own magic. Fans with a witchy bent will learn about the tools of magic and divination and the casting of spells. Recipes and rituals—from those that beckon love or bless a new business venture to those that bequeath strength or bestow fortune—are all included. The Book of Shadows is a sassy celebration of witches, sisterhood, and magic.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This book has a complete episode guide to seasons 1 to 2 and a bloopers guide to every single episode that aired in seasons 1 and 2.
  • This book was updated in 2001.
  • This was the first charmed merchandise in the UK.

Bloopers and Glitches[]

  • One episode in season 2 has had an incorrect year being as 1999.