Paige: "So this place is..?"
Patty: "Whatever you want to call it."
— Paige Matthews and Patty Halliwell.[src]

The Beyond, also known as the Afterlife, is a region within the Upper Regions where spirits reside after they have moved on. The entrance to the Beyond is a floating building in the Heavens, which can be accessed through a golden gate.


When Piper was dying as a result of Oroya Fever, her spirit moved on to a place with a bright light. Leo arrived and healed her before she could move on.[1]

When Paige was struck down by Neena in the Heavens, her body was sent back to the manor, while her spirit moved on to the Beyond. She was greeted by Kyle Brody in an empty void.[2] When they stepped through the light, they found themselves in a replica of the Halliwell Manor and were greeted by all witches of the Warren Line.[3] She later led the witches through the gates of the Beyond to battle Neena and her demonic army. After defeating Neena, the Warren witches returned to the Beyond.[4]


Notes and Trivia[]

  • It is possible that the Afterlife's appearance depends on the person perceiving it. When Paige entered, it resembled the manor, a place that is familiar to her. If this is the case, it would resemble Heaven in "Supernatural", where people in Heaven relive their happiest memories.
  • While spirits with no regret or unfinished business move on to this place, some spirits wind up in the Underworld for their evildoings, such was the case with Elias Lundy.