Teleportation, also referred to as materializing, is the movement of an object or elementary particles from one place to another, for example going anywhere in the world, the universe, parallel planes, and time loops, even somewhere outside of time and space, more or less instantaneously, without having to physically travel through space.

Teleportation encompassed a range of individual powers that were widely used by nearly all manner of magical beings, signifying the group or race they belonged to. Those who could teleport also had the ability to teleport with other beings and objects which didn't possess a teleportation power via physical contact. Some beings had the power to teleport others without touching them or teleporting themselves.

Types of Teleportation

"Did you notice how he vanished? Did he smoke out, flame out?"
Cole Turner[src]

There are several ways to teleport and specific beings have their own unique way of teleporting that could be counted as a combination of these base ways to teleport. 

The main difference between each teleportation power is the visual effect that accompanied each power. However, factors such as speed, the type of magical being who possessed the power, the moral alignment associated with it and any other special features (such as accessing certain realms or effecting the environment around it) were all determinants in each power's distinction.


Image Name Description Examples of Users
Ash Teleportation.gif Ash Teleportation The user teleports in a cloud of ashes. Lazarus Demons
CoopBeam.gif Beaming The user teleports in a pink glow originating at the heart Cupids
Black Orbing1.gif Black Orbing The user teleports in a flurry of black and indigo orbs. Darklighters
PiperBlinking 2.gif Blinking The user teleports in the "blink of an eye". Warlocks
DarkWisping.gif Dark Wisping The user teleports in dark blue and white wisps. Angel of Death
Dusting.gif Dusting The user teleports in grey, dust-like particles. Cole Turner (while trapped in the Cosmic Void)
Fading.gif Fading The user teleports in a fading motion.
ColeFlam.gif Flaming The user teleports through flames.
4x19-Glistening2.gif Glistening The user leaves a glistening contour of the body when they teleport.

The Seer
The Crone
Demonic Bounty Hunters

Lightning Teleportation.gif Lightning Teleportation The user teleports in bolts of lightning.

Goddess of War

LeoOrbing.gif Orbing The user teleports in a flurry of light orbs.

The Elders

PortalCreation2.gif Portal Creation The user travels via the creation of portals.

Witches (via spell or potion)

Zen Masters (via water)

Rainbow 5x17.gif Rainbow Teleportation The user teleports by summoning and stepping into a rainbow. Leprechauns
5x10 Sand Teleportation.gif Sand Teleportation The user teleports in whirling dust devil or falls apart in sand. Jeric
Prue&ColeShimmering.gif Shimmering The user distorts the space around them as they teleport. Common among upper- and lower-level demons
7x18 KatyaShreddingOut2.gif Shredding The user teleports by dispersing their molecules.

Black Heart

1x11-SmokeFading3.gif Smoke-Fading A smoke and fading-based method of teleportation.

Guardian of the Urn
The Necromancer

5x04-Smoking1.gif Smoking The user teleports in a puff of smoke.

The Siren
Wicked Witch from the Magic Mirror

Sparkling 2.gif Sparkling The user teleports in swirling lights or sparks.

The Cleaners
Angels of Destiny

Wizardspiralizing.gif Spiralization The user teleports through swirling blue spirals. Unnamed Wizard
Water Teleportation Sea Hag.gif Water Teleportation The user teleports through water or by transforming into water.

The Sea Hag
Water Demon
Lady of the Lake

5x22-PiperWhirling2.gif Whirling The user teleports in gusts of winds, tornadoes or clouds.

Goddess of Earth
Goddess of Love
The Titans

Wisping.gif Wisping This type of teleportation is similar to fading. Spirits

Notes and Trivia

Various demonic forms of teleportation (Fading, Smoking, Blinking and Shimmering), signifying the faction they each represented.

Teleportion by members of the Magical Community, including Rainbow Teleportation, Fading and Sparkling.

  • An alternative name for teleportation is materializing. Paige uses this term when referring to her boyfriend Richard fading in. The Book of Shadows' entry for Demonic Bounty Hunters also claims they can materialize.
  • Most forms of teleportation have undergone some changes during the course of the series. It has been shown that while many beings can possess the same form of teleportation, the appearance is not always the same. This can either be due to different beings having their own distinct appearance and/or color or simply due to changes in special effects.
    • Orbing as undergone several changes, especially when comparing Leo's method of Orbing to Paige's method.
    • Fading is shown to have the most variations in appearance.
    • Shimmering is sometimes accompanied by a glowing effect, especially in later seasons.
  • During teleportation, beings can speak. The sound of their voices arrive before they actual teleport in the place.
  • It's interesting to note that all of the Charmed Ones have used at least four forms of teleportation. Paige is the only Charmed One born with a teleportation power.[1]
  • It has been stated that beings can practice to travel faster. Julie, Cole's personal assistant said she could shimmer thirty miles in two seconds.
  • Orbing is the most used type of teleportation, due to Leo (until he became Mortal) and Paige being able to orb. Shimmering is the second most used.
  • Ash Teleportation, Dusting, Glistening, Beaming, Sand Teleportation, Shredding and Spiralization are the only types of teleportation not used by one of the Charmed Ones. As a Nymph, Paige possessed Water Teleportation but she was never seen using it.
  • Paige was able to avoid the effects of Cole's Reality Warping power via orbing, due to teleportation taking the user through the Neutral Plane. Paige orbed as the effects took place and so was unaffected by the spell, as she was on a different plane [20].
  • Smoke-Fading is the first type of teleportation seen onscreen, making Dead Man Dating the first episode to feature teleportation.
  • Every teleportation power has its own speed, but the user can use it faster or slower at will.
  • Users can be attacked or physically caught during mid-teleportation, and it is seemingly a matter of timing. ( for example, Oh My Goddess! Part 2Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 2, and Siren Song
  • According to Phoebe, a person doesn't need to know a person's location to find them using teleportation, they only have to think of that person when using their power[21].  
  • In Sight Unseen, Prue is able teleport to another position while in astral mode, without having to retreat back into her body.
  • When shapeshifting into another beings, it is possible to also copy their teleportation effects. When Zankou shapeshifted into the Avatar Beta, he teleported through Fading and when impersonating another demon, he teleported through Smoking. Similarly, when Leo glamoured into Barbas, the effects of Flaming were heard as he appeared off-screen.
  • It appears that improper use of teleportation powers doesn't count as using magic for personal gain, given the number of times and reasons Paige used her Orbing power throughout the years. Leo was also not opposed to orbing away for his and Piper's honeymoon instead of traveling on an airplane.


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