Telematerialization is the ability to teleport liquid with the power of your mind. It works similarly to the power of telekinetic orbing, but this power is used without the appearance of orbs, which makes usage discreet. The power has visual requirement, where users have to see the liquid they want to teleport and where they want to teleport it to.

Prue Halliwell[]

Prue: " Phoebe, I do not have special powers. Now, where is the cream? "
Phoebe: " Really? That looked pretty special to me."
— Prue use this power for the first time[src]

Prue Halliwell was shown to possess this power: she used her mind to fill her cup of coffee with cream without any visible transfer of fluid from the cup of cream to the her coffee.[1] However, she never demonstrated this power again on screen.

Leo Wyatt once used it for Phoebe Halliwell as he explained to her that he was a Whitelighter.[2]

Telematerialization could be an evolved form of Telekinesis, meaning that Prue developed a new power shortly either before her powers were bound,[3] or after they were unbound.[1]

Even in her new body as Patience, Prue was shown to still possess this power: she magically filled two empty glasses with water just by looking at them.[4]


  • Prue possessed this power as an extension of Telekinesis.
  • Though Prue has learned to channel Telekinesis through her hands, she still channels this aspect of the power through her eyes.
  • A possible advancement for this power would be that the user could not only transport liquids, but also solid and/or heavy objects, maybe even people, kind of like an orb-less version of telekinetic orbing.


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