"So… perhaps the Whitelighter in her makes it work differently?"
Phoebe Halliwell to her sister Piper[src]

Telekinetic Orbing is the power to move or teleport objects through the use of orbs. This power is a hybrid combination of the powers Orbing and Telekinesis, where instead of moving the object with the mind alone, the object is moved through use of orbs.

This power is possessed by several Whitelighter-Witches, the children of a Whitelighter and a witch. This power was first seen being used by Paige Matthews and was considered a rare power, though it later became a somewhat common power with the revelation and birth of more Whitelighter-Witches.


—Paige orbs a Darklighter's crossbow out of his hands and into hers.[src]



Paige orbing an apple into Phoebe's mouth.

The user orbs objects from one location to another through a vocal command; for example, when Paige vocally calls the name of an object it will disappear from its current location in a swirl of orbs only to appear again in a swirl of orbs in another location (most commonly the user's hand) a moment later. One limitation to this power is that it can be rendered useless if the user loses their voice, as seen when the Crone sent a Monkey Totem to steal Paige's voice.[1] Although, this weakness was specifically linked to Paige.

If the user does not know the name of the object, they can still orb it by using a name or phrase which describes it. Paige has used the descriptions "pointy weapon thingy" and "icky stuff" to call objects, and said objects have orbed to her.[2] The user must also have a visual aid when orbing an object, but Paige eventually overcame this limitation as her powers advanced.[3] 

Paige will eventually outgrow the limitation of having to verbally call the name of an object to orb it. This was revealed in 2001, when she temporarily entered Limbo, where her power was temporarily amplified. She was able to orb the Dragon Blade to her by holding out her hand and mentally calling for it. She was also able to orb the blade into Phoebe's hand by will alone.[4]

At first Paige was limited to orbing inanimate objects, but as her powers advanced she could orb living beings.[5] Paige has even shown that she can transport objects to other people as well as summon beings from different locations just by calling their name.[6]

Orbing will not work on Excalibur if the wielder resists the power. It will also not work if the user knows absolutely nothing about the object(s) they want to orb: for example; Paige was once asked to orb things out of a locked safe, but she replied that she couldn't, because she did not know what the contents were.[7]



Paige throwing a flower pot.

The user can move, impede and control things through a vocal command; for example; Paige once sent a metal bar flying into two Thorn Demons by stating its name as ugly metal thing. This was the closest the power ever came to resembling regular telekinesis.

Initially, Paige would teleport objects, usually into the palm of her hand, and then move or direct them into the direction she wanted. However, as she became more comfortable with her power, she began to move things without activating the teleportation side of her power. Paige normally uses this method to stop objects/powers in mid-air, before deviating them back into the direction they came from.[8] As her powers grew stronger she became able to move objects without directing them with her hands.[9]

As she gained even greater control over her power, Paige began to use both methods, orbing and movement, in rapid succession; for example; she once called for an Auger Shell and send it flying in another direction without ever touching it, giving it mental orders where to go. By 2005 she was able to lift and throw two (lower level) demons against a wall.[10] When fighting The Triad she was able to reposition Asmodeous without disrupting the freeze.[11]

In Season 9, Paige is able to orb objects without calling out a name, but by commanding them to move in a certain way: for example; moving a demon out of her way by shouting "clear a path!" Paige was also able to move Prue across a room without saying her name, but by commanding her to "stay back".

Black Telekinetic Orbing


This power is an evil counterpart of Telekinetic Orbing. It is a hybrid combination of Black Orbing and Telekinesis, it is owned by Darklighter-Witches and Alternate Gideon from the Parallel World.[12]

Powers developed from Telekinetic Orbing

Remote Orbing

Main article: Remote Orbing

Remote Orbing is the ability to teleport other beings from one location to another through the use of orbs without establishing physical contact. Users can simply wave their hands to send others to a desired location.

Paige's powers advanced to this level sometime in 2004. She first displayed this power when she orbed Phoebe back to the manor with the wave of her hand. Baby Chris has also displayed this power.

Orb Shield

Orb Shield 5

Paige using her orb-shield.

Main article: Orb Shield

Orb Shield is a form of Force Field that can protect or contain things within and repel outside threats. Wyatt first used this power in "Sam, I Am" and Paige in "Innocents Lost". The hybrid aspect of their telekinetic ability applies to this power, causing the shield to materialize as a sphere of translucent blue energy.

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Notes and Trivia

Improved Paige orbs a lamp

Telekinetic Orbing in the comic.

  • Charmed Magazine once referred to this power as Local Motion.[13]
  • All of Piper and Leo's children have this power.
  • This power is common among Whitelighter-Witches.
  • Paige Matthews is the first being to have ever displayed this power.[14]
  • The Elders may also possess this ability, as demonstrated by Gideon and Leo.
  • In the parallel universe in "It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part 2", an evil counterpart to this power exists.
  • While the limits of Paige's power aren't truly defined, she can orb multiple tons. Vincent Wrong, a manifestation of Paige's desires who possessed the same powers as her, orbed an entire car. 
  • In "Little Box of Horrors", baby Wyatt used this power to float multiple toys without teleporting them, instead rising them in the air with orbs before keeping them afloat using normal telekinesis.
  • This is the last power on the show used to vanquish an evil being and the last power used by a Charmed One.[15]
  • Sometimes in the comics, orbs will cover Paige's hands when she uses this power.
  • Piper is the only sister to not have used or possessed this power. 
  • Paige is the only user of this power who was shown to originally have to rely on their voice to activate it. This is fairly evident by all of Piper's and Leo's children, who were able to use this power while still toddlers and not actually speaking.[16][17][18]