Technopathy is the rare ability to control and manipulate modern technology. It can be used to control and manipulate computers, machines and other technology, such as cars. Only a few magical beings have displayed this ability, but it can be possessed by a variety of beings.


  • A Spirit Killer once used it to mess up Prue's camera and make her photos turn blurry.
  • Vornac waved a hand to turn off a screen.
  • Cole Turner changed a sign to guide Prue to Vinceres, making her think she was helping an innocent.
  • Dex used it to make Paige's car spin out of control and crash into another car.

List of Users

Original power
Through power stealing, absorption, etc.



  • Several beings are able to control technology through use of other powers, such as Prue Halliwell using Telekinesis. However, this is not considered Technopathy.
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