Technopathy is the rare ability to control and manipulate modern technology. It can be used to control and manipulate computers, machines and other technology, such as cars. Only a few magical beings have displayed this ability, but it can be possessed by a variety of beings.


  • The Demonic Sorcerer The Boss uses this power to manipulate his computer.
  • A Spirit Killer once used it to mess up Prue's camera and make her photos turn blurry.
  • Vornac waved a hand to turn off a screen.
  • Cole Turner changed a sign to guide Prue to Vinceres, making her think she was helping an innocent.
  • Dex used it to make Paige's car spin out of control and crash into another car.
  • Barbas used it to obtain the phone number to SWA Properties.

List of Users

Original power
Through power stealing, absorption, etc.



  • Several beings are able to control technology through use of other powers, such as Prue Halliwell using Telekinesis. However, this is not considered Technopathy as the powers do not actually control technology.