" I did two tarot readings, Phoebe, they both said that marrying Cole would only cause death and despair."
Paige warning Phoebe.[src]

Tarot Cards are a pack of usually about seventy-eight different cards symbolizing different aspects of life. They are mostly used for divinatory purposes.


Ruth Cobb

An evil witch named Ruth Cobb used tarot cards while she kept a pregnant Charlotte Warren captive. As she read the cards, she learned that the Charmed Ones had traveled back in time and warned Cole Turner about them.[1]

Paige Matthews

Phoebe gave a pack of cards to Paige as a gift on the eve of her wedding, as her old set was worn out. When Paige picked up the cards, the "Death" card kept appearing. Before she could tell Piper, Cole told her that he doesn't believe in that kind of thing. Paige later told Piper, though she shrugged it off, stating that the card doesn't even look like death, as Prue met him a year before. Paige then mentioned the cards on the day of the wedding, which angered Phoebe.[2]

Chris Halliwell

Shortly the sisters learned that Chris was Piper and Leo's son from the future, Chris struggled with his feelings toward Leo as he felt abandoned. While trying to decide on his future, Chris consulted tarot cards and drew the judgement card.[3]

Phoebe Halliwell

While stuck in a time loop with Drake dè Mon, Phoebe used the tarot cards that belonged to the fortune teller Inez. Although she didn't want to leave without Drake, she set out the cards and read an incantation on the book, sending her back to the present in the Halliwell Manor.[4]



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