Tarkin was a long time member of the Brotherhood of the Thorn, a society of upper-level demons. He shared a particular closeness with Belthazor, the demon half of Cole Turner. Along with Trigg, he was the closest thing Belthazor had to a friend when they worked together in the Brotherhood. However, he was loyal to the Brotherhood first and Belthazor second.


Tarkin was willing to kill Cole Turner when it was confirmed he was spying on the Brotherhood, but went along with their leader Raynor's plan to turn him evil again by destroying Phoebe's love for him.

To turn Cole evil again, Raynor made him steal two halves of a protective amulet from two witches. Cole didn't kill the first witch, so Raynor did it instead to make the Charmed Ones suspicious. Tarkin was sent as back up by Raynor to help Cole steal the other amulet half. The Charmed Ones however prevented them from killing her. Tarkin and Belthazor (forcibly having to change to convince Tarkin he was evil) fought strongly, but in the end retreated.

Tarkin is seen a final time when he attacks Prue and Piper as a diversion while Raynor attacked the amulet bearer in the attic. When he confronts Piper she tries to freeze him, but accidentally blew him up instead with her newly acquired combustion power. Despite his demise, Tarkin was able to distract the sisters long enough for Raynor to goad Cole into killing Janna with a spell, the amulet bearer, and thus (temporarily) destroying Phoebe and Cole's relationship.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
  • Shimmering: The ability to teleport from one place to another via shimmering.
  • Energy Ball: The ability to project spheres of energy.
  • Sensing: The ability to locate a target.
Other Powers

Physical Appearance

Tarkin had curly brown hair, a goatee and sported earrings.

Notes and Trivia

  • Tarkin was the first demon to be blown up by Piper.
  • Despite his brief tenure on the show, Tarkin has been a footnote in notable development points for multiple major characters. Apart from having been Cole's closest partner in the Brotherhood and being the first to be vanquished by the power which would eventually cement Piper as one of the most powerful witches in history, he also helped lampshade the nefarious plans of the Triad which would be implemented five years later despite the fact that Cole had already killed them.


Tarkin appeared in a total of 2 episodes throughout the course of the series.

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