Tammy is a support character in the book Mystic Knoll.


Despite having done nothing to Abigail Thornwood, Abigail hated her for her nice and outgoing personality, and added her on her hit list. Abigail started working as a tour guide at the Mystic Knoll site, where she told tourists legends and stories. As the years went by, unexplainable incidents occurred at times: animals going wild, bugs flying into walls, etc. She got used to the occurrences in time.

Twenty years after Abigail died, Tammy met Paige on one of these tours: this time they were met by thousands of skin shedding snakes. After realizing she was one of Abigail's targets, Paige convinced her to help them reverse the effects happening around Mystic Knoll. During the battle, she was hiding behind stalagmites and therefore did not see what was happening.


Tammy appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.