"Had to beat the cops. I won't let them take you."
—T.J. as he crashes the wedding for Prue.[src]

T.J. was a mortal who met astral Prue Halliwell, a manifestation of her desires, at a bar while the real Prue was asleep.


As Prue was all about being responsible and not giving into her desires, her Id manifested itself as an her astral self. She projected to a bar, where she met T.J. hooked up with him. However, each time she had to leave quickly, telling him she had other responsibilities. One night, after winning at Pool, T.J. intervened when the guy who lost would not pay. After kissing, Prue left and was harassed by the guy. She beat him up and disappeared, though the guy was later stabbed to death.

The following day, T.J. waited for Prue at the bar and was interrogated by Inspector Krutchen. When astral Prue showed up later that day, they tried to leave when the police arrived. Before she was arrested, Prue finally told T.J. her name and disappeared after being put in the police car.

During the wedding of Piper and Leo, T.J. crashed into the manor with his bike. Upon seeing him, Prue's astral self manifested again and she left with him. They drove the park, where they made out until Phoebe summoned Prue back with a spell. T.J. was not seen or heard from again after this.



T.J. appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.