Swallowing is the powerful ability to consume objects, powers and people whole. It allows users to consume anything that comes into contact with them, allowing them to use the consumed for sustenance or to transport the object or person to another location.


The Tall Man possessed this power, which he used to unsuccessfully kidnap Phoebe Halliwell and instead swallowed Paige Matthews, transporting her to The Seer's Cage.[1]

Masselin could also swallow his victims, though he swallowed his victims for sustenance. The victims remained alive inside of him while he fed on them. [2]

The Slime Demon could swallow people whole to feed off their magic. It unsuccessfully tried this three times on Phoebe, Chris and Wyatt Halliwell. It later succeeded in swallowing Penny Halliwell while it was feeding on the Nexus.[3]

The Nothing from Ice Cream Truck would swallow anyone, either good or evil, once they became stuck inside the truck.[4]

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