" Lady, I don't know who you are or where you come from but you obviously don't have the slightest idea who you're dealing with."
—Sutter to Prue Halliwell.[src]

Sutter was a ruthless outlaw who took over a small town in 1873. His act of torturing and killing Bo Lightfeather while the townspeople did nothing caused them all to become trapped in a time loop.


Sutter arrived in town with the promise of getting a railroad to pass through, making it more than just a small mining town. In return, he wanted a share of everything. When people resisted, Sutter killed the sheriff and his men took over. While most of the town was too scared to stand up to them, Bo Lightfeather kept fighting. After Bo killed Slade, Sutter ordered his men to hunt him down.

When Prue Halliwell and Cole Turner arrived to break the time loop, they ran into Sutter at the saloon. When one of Sutter's men hurt Cal, Prue defended him and stood up to Sutter. This led to a short gunfight, though Sutter decided to retreat as he wanted to hunt down Bo first. When Bo's sister, Isabel Lightfeather led Prue and Cole to Bo, Cal followed them and reported back to Sutter.

After his men dragged Bo back into town, Sutter began whipping him and almost shot him. However, with some encouragement from Prue and Cole, the townspeople finally stood up to Sutter. He took Isabel hostage and tried to escape, though Prue followed him. She shot him in the shoulder and then threw him through the door of the sheriff's station.

After breaking the time loop and returning to the present, Prue mentioned the townspeople would presumably live out their lives in a parallel plane.


Sutter appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.