Survival of the Fittest is the 26th book of the Charmed novel series.

The novel supposedly takes place right after the Season 6 episode, "Spin City", as the Spider Demon is mentioned.


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Taken bodies were found unchanged,
but their minds are under control.
Release all thoughts of this new craze;
find the demon that plagues their souls.

Alien abduction fever has gripped San Francisco. People everywhere are reporting loved ones missing… only to have them show up at home with no recollection of having been gone. The Charmed Ones can't help but become involved, especially when Phoebe receives a letter to her advice column from a woman who's convinced her sister was "taken." The victim says she was just out, but since she's returned, she's developed an almost demonic devotion to a new workout program.

The workout program in question, created by Meg Winship, has become incredibly popular in the Bay Area. Even Piper, after seeing an infomercial, suddenly finds herself jogging to the "Winship Way." Luckily there's a rally being held in San Francisco in the next few days. Meg Winship herself will appear to further inspire and thank her new disciples. If there's something supernatural involved, as the sisters suspect, the fitness fiesta is their best bet to figure out who—or what—is in charge of the chaos.




  • Meg Winship: A wealthy fitness celebrity and founder of Ideal You Enterprises. Used to be Dr. Haywood's student before he got fired. She used his theories and research to go her own way and eventually came across the Others who gave her power. She used the women in a ritual to summon the demons, but the ritual ultimately became her own undoing.
  • Dr. Carter Haywood: Paige's old philosophy professor from Berkeley University. He got fired for talking about aliens and UFOs. Was a fan of Spinoza and Martin Heidegger. Paige visited him to find out what he knew. When he refused to answer her questions, she showed him her powers to encourage him to talk. He was later found murdered. Once published a book called "The Visitors".
  • Bill Conason: Reporter at the Bay Mirror. Very fond of Phoebe. Advices her to look at tabloids for alien theories. He is hoping to get a scoop story to secure his career, after moving from town to town for years to follow stories that only mildly secured his job. He was savagely attacked by one of her disciples and later murdered in his own apartment.
  • The Other: An otherworldly demon identified as an alien by mortals. He was the one manipulating Meg throughout the story, and later killed her. The Charmed Ones later banished him back to his own plane.



Magical Notes[]


To Free Piper from Meg's Spell[]

Magic forces on this rise,
Piper needs no exercise.
Lift whatever spell she's under,
Let the Charmed Ones be put asunder.

To Send a Demon Back to Its Plane[]

Power of Three spell.
Horrid beast,
Which here does roam,
Let this spell,
Transport you home!


  • Acid Secretion: Used by the Spinning Demon to attack Phoebe and Paige.
  • Enhanced Agility: Used by the Spinning Demon to fight Phoebe and Paige.
  • Healing: Used by Leo to fix a broken pipe.
  • Hyper Speed: Used by the Spinning Demon to run at fast speed.
  • Levitation: Used by Phoebe in an attempt to kick the Spinning Demon, then throw the vanquishing potion from above; she later used it to dodge the Other's attack.
  • Molecular Immobilization: Used by Piper to freeze thousands of women in the park.
  • Premonition: Used by Phoebe to see the city in chaos.
  • Orbing: Used by Paige and Leo to move between places.
  • Telekinetic Orbing: Used by Paige to move objects.
  • Web Projection: Used by the Spinning Demon to attack Bara Hunsaker.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • This is the last Charmed novel to be translated to and published in Russian.

Continuity Errors[]

  • Leo is still the Charmed Ones' Whitelighter.
  • Wyatt and Chris Halliwell don't exist.
  • Darryl mentioned that he did not believe magic was real until 6 years ago.
  • Phoebe doesn't have the power of Empathy.

International Titles[]

  • Russian cover: Vyživajet sil'njejšij (Survive strongest)
  • Dutch: De sterkste overwint (The strongest wins)