Surgat is a demon in the five-issue Charmed comics A Thousand Deaths.


Surgat conspired with Djall and Vephar to take over the world by using portraits to trap human souls in the Underworld while allowing demons to take over the human bodies. He waited with other demons for the chance to strike on the surface after giving Djall all of their powers. After Vephar took over a woman's body, the others waited restlessly as the weeks went by. During a brief conversation between Vephar and Surgat, a mortal man approached one of the paintings and Surgat used the chance to possess the man.

He was vanquished that night after trying to attack the Charmed Ones at the Eisenberg Gallery.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers

Vanquishing Spell

Potion is required

Magic forces far and wide,
enchant this body so evil can't hide.
Allow this soul to return therein
and destroy the evil kept within.


Surgat appeared in a total of 2 comic issues throughout the franchise.