Suggestion is the ability to project as an inner voice to others, implanting incredibly strong suggestions into their minds, subtly bending them to one's will.


"The voice in my head that kept telling me that I was hurting people not helping them. That I was causing pain and trouble wherever I went. That it was all my fault. It was like I was cursed."
Maggie Murphy describing the attack.[src]
Victims or targets will hear the user's suggestions as an inner voice, thereby causing them to believe that the thoughts and ideas they have are their own, which will in-turn influence their actions in the user's favor. However, as pointed out by Leo Wyatt and demonstrated by Cupids, suggestion does not give the user control over the minds of others. The user may plant thoughts and ideas, but the victim is still in control of their own actions and may resist the suggestion if they become aware of the manipulation.

Suggestion is neutral, it can be used for bad or good. While the forces of good will seek to help others with their suggestions, evil will try to manipulate others for selfish reasons or use it to hurt them in some way. As a matter of fact, the M.O. of certain forces of evil is to drive good beings into taking their own life. Another M.O. of evil is to compel good beings to kill.

Suggestion also appears to be a natural part of the invisible form of astral projection. It allows the user to appear invisible and make a telepathic connection with someone, often allowing them to subliminally influence another being by implanting thoughts.


Rex Buckland


Rex Buckland whispering to Piper.

"I explained this to you, Hannah. It's called astral projection. With it I can transport myself psychically and implant a subliminal thought into Prue's brain. Just like I did when I tricked her into leaving the vault today with the tiara. See, I planted the thought and made her think she came out empty handed."
—Rex to Hannah.[src]

Rex had this power due to his astral projection abilities. He was able to manipulate Prue into stealing a valuable tiara from the auction house, make Phoebe be a witness to what was seemingly the proof of Prue killing someone, and nearly allowed Andy and Darryl to find the tiara in the manor. As mentioned above, Rex was also able to manipulate Phoebe. He used his power to make Phoebe see a furnished apartment when it was empty in reality and later to plant a premonition in her head of Prue in danger, knowing that she would rush off to save her sister and would arrive just in time to witness Prue seemingly kill someone. He also used his suggestive powers on Piper, causing her to consider seeing a shrink after he implanted the thought that she was a miserable witch in her head.[1]

Guardian Angels

"Well, guardians did more than keep you upright. They're your inner voice, your conscience, instincts. Without them you tend to get a little lost."
Kyle to Paige.[src]
Guardian Angels are protective beings who protect people in their every day life. They use this to whisper warnings or advice to their charges when they are in danger. For instance, if a man is in danger of being hit by a car because he's about to cross the road without looking, his guardian angel will appears before him and suggests that he stop and look before crossing the road. As shown with Paige, without their guardian, charges are left exposed to danger without warning and become very accident prone.[2]

Spirit Killer

Piper: "They bring their victims self doubt, bad luck, the kind that hurts other people."
Leo: "And then reinforce that by preying on their thoughts, make them think that they are responsible for all the pain when they're actually not."
Phoebe: "Well, that's not suicide, that's murder."
Leo: "Not technically. They never actually push their victims, they just always compel them to jump."
Piper and Leo explaining to Phoebe how the Spirit Killer kills.[src]

The Spirit Killer attacking Maggie.

The Spirit Killer was a Darklighter who could project as an inner voice to their victims, speaking words of discouragement and the like into their ears, making it seem as if their cursed actions came from their own ideas and intentions, which eventually lead them to the point of suicide. His preferred victims were future Whitelighters.

In 2000, he cursed Maggie Murphy with bad luck, causing numerous unfortunate events to happen in her life and then planted thoughts into her head suggesting that everything happening around her was her fault, and she needed to take her own life to end her suffering and that of everyone around her. Fortunately, Prue Halliwell arrived at Maggie's apartment building just as she was about to jump off the roof and was able to help her come to her senses. Unfortunately, Maggie then slid off, but luckily, Prue was able to redirect her fall, allowing her to land on the ground unharmed. Afterwards, Prue casted a spell on Maggie to bring her confidence and good luck, which also gave her protection from the Spirit Killer, because if the spirit killer could not kill with insanity, she was immune to his powers.

The Spirit Killer then targeted Prue and used her job situation to attack her for much more immediate and aggressive effects. Had Prue died, her good-luck spell would have died with her and he could have resumed going after Maggie. Within hours, he had nearly broken Prue's spirit. The final straw was suggesting that Andy would still be alive if not for her. Piper and Phoebe spotted Prue just as she was about to jump off a bridge, and convinced her that the Spirit Killer was standing behind her and was really the one driving her suicidal thoughts. Prue snapped back to herself and angrily flung the Spirit Killer across the road. Leo Wyatt, who had just regained his wings, orbed in and orbed the Spirit Killer away.


"So the fear that you're not good enough, that you're not worthy of the power of three. Oh, go on, prove yourself. Save Cole the same way Phoebe did before. Your sisters will be so proud."
—Barbas using his power on Paige.[src]
Barbas was able to utilize this ability after he learned how to astral project and remain invisible. Together with his power to read fear, he was able to project as an inner voice to his victims, preying on their fears and doubts, and then suggest ways, which would usually end up destroying them, to overcome it. He used this power to attack The Charmed Ones and Cole Turner bringing them self-doubt and was even able to trick Paige into stripping Cole of his powers so that he could steal them.[3] Years later, he manipulated Leo into thinking that Zola was evil and Leo proceeded to strike Zola down with lightning and vanquished him before coming to his senses.[4]


"This is just a normal attack of cold feet. Just remember all the things you've experienced together and let those feelings guide you."
—Coop using his power on Mitchell to help him get over his cold feet.[src]
Cupids and other beings in possession of a Cupid Ring can use it to slip into people's hearts and minds to implant thoughts, influencing their moods, behaviours and actions. The ring is mainly used to implant feelings of love into a person mind, but in the wrong hands, can be used to suggest reasons to hate as well as to harm others. It is implied that it can also be used to make other people recall past memories. A common practice among cupids is to first slow down time when making love connections, and then project as an inner voice to charges, setting them on the path to love. Leaving their charges unaware of their presence and influence. However, Coop used suggestion twice without slowing down time, first on Mitchell and then on Bree.[5]

Billie Jenkins


The Golden Belt of Gaea suggests to Piper and Phoebe to turn against men.

"Ladies I think the belt is affecting you too."
—Leo to Phoebe and Piper.[src]

Billie Jenkins was able to utilize this ability after she put the golden belt of gaea on. However, the suggestive powers of the belt were limited to women and were not long lasting. Those she influenced with the suggestive powers of the belt returned to normal once she left their presence. For example, Billie used this power on Phoebe, Piper and all the females in her mythology class, all of whom returned to normal once she left their presence. The belt also flashed whenever Billie used this power.

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