"Because your anniversary falls on the Equinox. Which is a powerful day in and of itself. For you, this convergence of powers is even stronger. The potential greater. All you have to do is connect. You wanna try it?"
—Stevie to Piper and Phoebe.[src]

Stevie was a witch practitioner whom Phoebe Halliwell befriended after meeting her at a bookstore.


While at the bookstore, Phoebe met Stevie and told her she and her sisters were witches, though not that they really had magic. When she revealed it was their anniversary as witches, Stevie told her the equinox was a powerful day for them. She then invited Phoebe and her sisters to a gathering in the park.

When Phoebe arrived with Piper, they were greeted by Stevie. She explained that the equinox was an even more powerful day for them because it was their anniversary, meaning the convergence of power was even stronger. She told the sisters thay they needed to connect and invited them to join the others. All the pracitioners then took of their clothes to connect. Phoebe and a reluctant Piper followed their example. While connected, Phoebe heard Grams' voice saying "the Power of Three".

The sisters later realized that they needed to work as one in order to beat Abraxas. When they cast the Dominus Trinus spell at the park, they were able to reclaim the stolen Book of Shadows and vanquish Abraxas.


Stevie appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.