The Spencer Estate is a large mansion owned by the Spencer family in San Francisco. The estate has a large yard, wine cellar, kitchen, ballroom, and grand foyer. The estate is also a vineyard and most of the wines in the wine cellar are the Spencers own personal wine.



The Spencer Estate at night

In 1998, the estate was supposed to be the location where Elliot Spencer was supposed to marry Allison Michaels. However, his mother Grace had made a deal for fortune and success with the demon Hecate years ago, with the promise of giving the demon her oldest son.

Days before the wedding, Hecate appeared in the form of Jade D'Mon. She reminded Grace about their deal and replaced Allison as Elliot's bride. The Charmed Ones later discovered the truth about Jade's demonic nature after Piper Halliwell had to work at the wedding as a caterer. The sisters fought Hecate and her minions and she was later banished into the Jeweled Poignard of the Order of the Stephanine Cross by Elliot, thus breaking her hold and reuniting him with Allison.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Film location for the estate was at the La Villa Consola. Furthermore, the backyard at the beginning of the episode was at the Botanical Gardens and the Huntington Library in San Marino.[1]