The South Bay Social Services are a social services office located in San Francisco. Paige Matthews worked here until 2002, when she quit to focus on her magic instead.


Grisanti Case[]

The Source of All Evil plotted to turn newly-turned witch, Paige Matthews, evil by possessing Jake Grisanti, the man currently prosecuted for physically hurting his child. The Source used Jake's body to tempt Paige into using her powers for evil within the next 48 hours where Window of Opportunity is open, which will permanently make her evil if he succeeds. Paige almost orbed out Jake's heart, but Leo Wyatt took her away, saving the man. Jake then confesses that he had been covering for his wife, Carol and warned her to stay away from their son.[1]

Paige's Personal Gain[]

It is where some of Paige's first spells were cast, some of which are Personal Gain spell. It includes the Vanishing Spell, Spell to Promote Compromise and Instant Karma Spell. Unfortunately, the spell backfired at her causing her "Big Boob Fiasco".[2]

Tyler Michaels Case[]

Tyler Michaels fled from his foster home after accidentally starting fires in the house. He eventually landed in the social services' hands and Bob tried to help him, but failed and provoked Tyler to start another fire. Paige then took him back to the house.[3]

Carolyn Seldon Case[]

Paige helped a reformed woman named Carolyn Seldon fight for custody of her son. When she did not show up to her hearing, her chances of winning the case worsened; she later showed up at the Halliwell Manor with bruises and cuts all over her face, caused by her ex. Using a Vanishing Spell in the Book of Shadows, Paige healed Carolyn's face to turn the odds around.[4]

Paige's Promotion and Quitting[]

After a long time of working as a secretary, Paige is finally promoted to social worker. Though she was happy, she was also overwhelmed with work and duties as a Charmed One. She eventually decided to quit her job to focus on practicing witchcraft.[5]

Henry Mitchell Jr.[]

Finding Henry Mitchell Jr.'s birth father, Paige and Henry are upset to hear that he comes from a family of criminals and are worried that the baby will end up just like them if they return him to his biological family.[6]