Soul Containment is the ability to trap souls of the dead in form of crystals, balls of white energy, or fire. In this form, demons and other evil beings often use these souls as currency in the Underworld.


  • The Soul Collector Charon caught the soul of the serial killer Jackson Ward in a ball of fire and took him to Purgatory.[1]
  • Raynor, the head of the Brotherhood of the Thorn, summoned the soul of Benjamin Turner to force his son to acquire an amulet.[2]
  • Jeric mummified his victims to contain their souls as well as his lover's, Isis, who possessed their bodies. Once mummified, their souls are contained inside to keep them from moving on to the afterlife.[3]
  • The demon Zahn contained the souls he had obtained through Faustian Deals, though it is unknown how he stored his souls outside of his auctions. The souls could either be set free by Zahn himself or by destroying said contracts to void the agreements.[4]

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