Soul Absorption is the power to absorb souls of the dead or transient. The souls can either be absorbed directly into the body or stored in an object. Most beings possessing this ability use it to transport these souls into their respective places in the afterlife. However, certain demons and other evil beings absorb souls to feed off them.



Valkyries use magical bottles to absorb and contain the souls of deceased soldiers and other people with warrior-like qualities. These souls are then taken to Valhalla, where they are made corporeal and are trained for the Final World Battle.[1]


According to Kama, one of the tasks of veteran Cupids is to collect the souls of deceased infants and taking them to Cupid's Temple where they will be reborn as cherubs. They accomplish this task by absorbing these souls into their rings.[2]


The demon Masselin absorbed souls by devouring them along with their physical bodies. The souls he devoured remained alive inside him, further increasing their suffering.[3]


Yama absorbs souls by impaling them on his lance. He then takes the souls to Chinese Hell and does not care whether the souls are good or evil. The Charmed Ones witnessed him capturing Tony Wong's soul in 1998.[4]


In exchange for their protection, mortal murderers carve runes into their victims' foreheads, so that these demons can absorb the souls of these victims through a similar rune on their forehead.[5]

Dragon Blade[]

In 2001, Yen Lo used the Dragon Blade to capture the soul of Piper Halliwell, though she was quickly freed by Paige. The blade was then used by Phoebe to capture Yen Lo's soul, after which the Zen Master took him to be reincarnated.[6]

Lords of War[]

The Lord of War Gabriel Statler could use his crystal sword to absorb the souls of his victims. In 1998, he used it to absorb the soul of a mortal boxer and attempted to do the same to Prue.[7]

The Necromancer[]

The Necromancer absorbed the souls of deceased magical beings as a source of energy to make himself corporeal temporarily. As the spirit of a demon, he required the energy of spirits to sustain himself and become corporeal. The length of time for which he remained corporeal depended on how strong the absorbed spirit was.[8]

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Through spell, potion, power stealing, etc.


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