Sonic Screaming is the ability to generate vocal sounds of a higher amplitude than a normal human. It is a rare and lethal power, but lower-level. These screams can also shatter windows.


Mortals and witches are not immune to it. If mortals are exposed to it, they will die from having all their blood vessels burst. Banshee's screaming doesn't kill witches, it turns them into Banshees. Whitelighters, some demons and warlocks are immune to this power.



"Then their call turns into a scream that kills."
—Leo to the sisters[src]

A Banshee uses her voice as a high pitched Call to locate a victim, by hearing the inner cry. She does this by zeroing in on the waves of pain that emanate from the stricken. Her high pitched Call is audible only to dogs and her intended victim. A Banshee then elevates her Call into a Scream, so powerful it kills those she targets.

In 2001, a Banshee attacked several people in San Francisco, one of whom was Phoebe who gained this power also once she was transformed into the Banshee, because of Cole's supposed betrayal. However, she turned back into a witch, when Cole confessed his love for her and told her he never killed of his own free will, but because Raynor cast a spell on him.[1]


"There's another risk you guys have to worry about. On the way back, I heard gargoyles."
—Cole to Phoebe and Piper[src]

When the Source of All Evil surfaced in 2001 to find Paige Matthews and stop the Charmed Ones from being reconstituted after Prue's death, some gargoyles were notified of his presence. Cole Turner heard their screams, and warned Phoebe and Piper that this was a sign the Source was near. Later, the Source, who had possessed Paige's boyfriend Shane, tried to enter the church where Paige had been abandoned, but the gargoyles protecting it came to life and were able to overpower him with their sonic cries, sending him painfully retching to the ground. Since the Source/Shane couldn't get into the church he pretended to be hurt and asked her to leave with him.[2]


"Manticores communicate with high-pitch cries and tend to travel in packs." Great. Well, I say we get rid of the little brat before the pack comes looking for him."
—Chris to Piper[src]

Manticores use this power to communicate with each other.

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