Smoking is a form of teleportation used by various beings, most notably by Furies, Harpies and the Siren. Users of this power are engulfed in black or white smoke as they teleport to their destination.

List of Users[]

Original power

Through power stealing, transformation, etc.


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Notes and Trivia[]

  • A rare variation of this type of teleportation is Smoke-Fading, as used by Yama
  • Like other teleportation powers, Smoking differs visually from user to user. Some materialize/dematerialize in a quick puff, like Furies and the evil witch; while others smoke more slowly, like Barbas and the Siren.
  • When witches teleport through use of a potion, it sometimes has a smoke effect. This was shown by Billie and Christy. However, the teleportation of the Stillman Sisters had a Fading effect.
  • It seems to be possible to prevent users from escaping by holding on to them, as Cole prevented the Siren from teleporting out by grabbing her. ("Siren Song")