Smitty is a mortal friend of Leo's who has connections in the music business.


The Donnas[]

Smitty once got the Donnas to perform at P3.

Liz Phair[]

After the Halliwells resurfaced from faking their deaths, Smitty came to P3 again to discuss finding another band for the club. Piper felt like her club had turned ice-cold and needed a band to get back in business. Smitty, however, wasn't really willing to help her, as he said an unsuccessful chick band would be the best she could get.

Piper and Smitty started arguing, and Smitty left the club. However, he went golfing with Leo later on. On the golf trip, Leo convinced Smitty to get Liz Phair to play in the club.


Smitty appeared in 1 episode throughout the course of the series.