"This vial holds a potion which will put the men who guard the house to sleep."
Eva to the Charmed Ones.[src]

A Sleeping Potion is a magical potion capable of putting individuals to sleep. There are several different potions in existence, one of which has an entry in Warren Book of Shadows.


In 1999, the Charmed Ones tried to use one of these potions against the evil witch Tuatha. Phoebe smashed the potion bottle at her feet, releasing a white smoke. However, the potion had no effect on Tuatha and she merely pretended to yawn. She then used a more powerful potion of her own to put both Phoebe and Leo to sleep. Leo came to seconds after Tuatha was vanquished while Phoebe remained asleep.[1]

When the Charmed Ones were sent back in time to 1670, they met a witch named Eva, a member of the same coven as their ancestor Charlotte Warren. To save Charlotte and her unborn baby from the evil witch Ruth Cobb, Eva helped the sisters brew some. However, the potions were not used.[2]

After the Charmed Ones rescued Frank Pirelli from being murdered by the Brotherhood of the Thorn, they took him back to the manor and hid him from the demons, in their basement. Leo mentioned that Phoebe's potion worked well on him.[3]

In 2006, Christy Jenkins used a potion to make the Charmed Ones fall asleep and dream about their innermost desires in order to convince Billie that they were corrupted and selfish.[4]


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