Sleep Induction is the ability to put beings to sleep at will. The effects of this power can also be achieved through the use of a spell or potion. When used, the intended target falls to sleep almost instantly.



  • Cole Turner, as the Source of All Evil, once put Paige and Piper to sleep with a wave of his hand, as part of his plan to sabotage his wedding.[1]
  • The Avatars sent people to sleep when creating Utopia. When they did this, their eyes glowed with a gold light.[2]
  • The demon Savard was able to put Phoebe and Paige to sleep with a simple wave of his hand, allowing Patra and Phoenix to take their places.[3]
  • Alpha was able to make Leo fall asleep to communicate with him in his dream.[4]


Witches are capable of inducing slumber via two methods, one of which is brewing potions.

  • Phoebe tried to use a sleeping potion to make Tuatha fall asleep, but its dosage was too low for her. She then used her own potion to Phoebe and Leo fall asleep.[5]


Witches and warlocks are also capable of inducing sleep with spells.

  • The warlock, Bacarra, used a spell to make a witch unconscious.[6]
  • Paige Matthews once wrote a spell that made her and her sisters fall asleep, then had Leo sprinkle them with Dream Dust to make them confront their problems in their dreams.[7]

List of beings who use(d) Sleep Induction

Original power
Through spell, potion, power stealing, etc.