"Oh, um, that's really sweet of you but I'm not allowed to date the customers."
—Skye to Berman.[src]

Skye Russell was a waitress at Quake in 1998. She was murdered in her dreams by Whitaker Berman after she rejected his advances.


In 1998, Berman sent a drink to Prue in an attempt to ask her out. When Skye returned the drink on Prue's behalf, Berman asked her out instead. Skye turned him down by telling him she wasn't allowed to date customers. The same night, Berman entered her dream and took control of it. He forced her to dance with him on a rooftop. He revealed that when someone dies in their dream, they die in real life as well. Angered over her rejection, he then pushed her off the roof.

Skye is found dead in her bed the following morning. When Andy Trudeau and Darryl Morris arrive, the coroner informed them that every bone in her been crushed, as if she had fallen from a great height. Andy replied that her apartment was on the ground floor and closed, and that the body had not been moved. Andy later figured out that Berman could enter dreams and that all the victims had rejected him. However, before he could be arrested, Berman was killed in self-defense by Prue.


  • Skye's death is one of the first ones that makes Andy questions the existence of magic.
  • Skye's last name Russell is also the last name of one of Phoebe's past life, P. Russell.


Skye Russell appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.