Skeletal Beings are undead demons that hover between life and death. They can be identified by their skeletal structure and feed on the life force of other beings to supply themselves with temporary life. They seek to drain the immortality of magical beings such as mermaids to gain true immortal life. These powerful beings turn their victims to ashes when feeding on their life force.



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Necron was a Skeletal Being that roamed the seas to seek victims to feed on. At some point, he appeared in the lair of the Sea Hag to feed on her. However, The Hag convinced him that she could deliver a Mermaid to grant him true immortality if he spared her life. Necron accepted her deal, but grew impatient when she failed to deliver the mermaid she had promised. When The Charmed Ones vanquished the Sea Hag, Necron kidnapped Piper Halliwell, but he was later vanquished with the Power of Three.


Piper stated that, in the Book of Shadows, there was a "Witches be warned" on skeletal beings, and that the only two witches who managed to vanquish them died in the process.


Necron's entry in the Book of Shadows.


Necron is a Skeletal Being who hovers between Life
and Death. This demon has the power to incinerate
any living creature to feed on its life force. These stolen
life forces sustain Necron through centuries of unlife,
though he requires an unending supply of living essence
to keep him from decaying further.
See Skeletal Beings for more information.


Vanquishing a skeletal being requires an immensely powerful, properly worded Power of Three spell.

To Vanquish a Skeletal Being[]

Power of Three spell
Tide of evil washed ashore,
Bring its darkness evermore,
With all our strength we fight this fate,
Make this evil obliterate.


A Skeletal Being appeared in a total of 2 episodes throughout the course of the series.