Phoebe: "Rainbows aren't invisible, we can see them."
Seamus: "Aye, when it rains, maybe. But they're in the skies all the time. It's how we get around. We light them up with our shillelaghs."
Phoebe and Seamus Fitzpatrick talking about Shillelaghs.[src]

A Shillelagh (sail éille) is a magical artifact used by Leprechauns. They are powerful conduits of magic and can be used to teleport by a rainbow path. Shillelaghs are cared for by Leprechauns in the Green Meadow. Each Leprechaun carries his own Shillelagh, which they use to cast their spells.


When the demon Saleel began targeting Leprechauns for their gold, Seamus Fitzpatrick went to the Charmed Ones for help. After Saleel cursed the sisters with bad luck and killed Seamus, the sisters gathered the other Leprechauns. They hit Saleel with their combined bad luck, causing a meteor to strike and vanquish him. Paige wanted to return Seamus' Shillelagh, though the Head Councilman allowed her to keep it, as that is what Seamus would have wanted.[1]

When Paige saved a bunch of magical creatures from the Wicked Witch of the Enchanted Forest and her spells, a Leprechaun named Riley gave her his Shillelagh. Paige later used it to summon Riley after she, Phoebe and Leo had been trapped in spiderwebs.[2]

Two years later, the sisters asked two Leprechauns, one of whom was Andrew O'Brian, to sneak into Magic School to investigate. There, they are attacked by demons and saved by Billie and Christy Jenkins. When Paige summoned them again with her Shillelagh, they angrily took it away from her and left.[3]

Four years later, the demon Valen and Fritz steal two Shillelaghs from the Green Meadow.[4] While Fritz was vanquished soon after, Valen used his Shillelagh as a conduit to wield the Ancient Athame, which he later used to destroy the soul of Cole Turner.[5]


Spell to Create a Rainbow Road[]

  • Must be cast with a Shillelagh in hand.
Go n-eiri an bothar leat!

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Summoning: The ability to summon creatures or objects. Leprechauns use their shillelaghs to light up the rainbow for transportation.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • In real life, shillelaghs are wooden walking sticks or clubs associated with Ireland and Irish folklore. They were originally used to settle disputes in the form of a duel.