Shen'arch's Silver Staff belonged to the chief sorcerer Shen'arch. He gave it to Kevin Graves's Past Life, Tov'reh as a sign of leadership. After the Dor'chacht lost their battle to the Sol'agath, Shen'arch transferred Tov'reh's powers into the staff to hide his magic, then glamoured it to resemble an ordinary wooden cane. His reincarnated self, Kevin, found the cane and used it to steal Paige Matthews's powers.[1]


During the rejoined battle, Kevin released his powers from the instrument. Paige Matthews was able to send Kevin's magic back into the staff, which subsequently restored her powers and state of mind. After Piper's powers were restored, Piper destroyed the staff, which also destroyed Kevin's powers in the process.


To Contain Dor'chacht Magic

Dark magics of the Dor'chacht clan,
all powers that were yours return;
course through the blood,
flow from the land into these lifeless vessels burn.

To Transfer Magic

Guh-sheen toh dak

Powers and Abilities

  • Power Absorption: The ability to absorb the powers of other beings. The flute was made specifically to drain the powers of Paige Matthews or Tov'reh.
  • Power Containment: The ability to keep stolen powers within an artifact until released.
  • Sleep Induction: The ability to alter memories. The armband could make Phoebe unable to keep short-term memories.