"Don't worry, I kept their secret. I always will, no matter what happens. But come on, Darryl. I know you've had to struggle with this, with how far you can go to help the sisters."
—Sheila to Darryl.[src]

Sheila Morris is the wife of San Francisco Police Department Lieutenant Darryl Morris. They have two sons together, Darryl Jr. and Mikey Morris.


Sheila has been married to Darryl since before 2000.

Some time after finding out the sisters were witches, Darryl told Sheila their secret, and she agreed to help keep it. After Leo Wyatt became an Elder, the sisters organized a dinner, inviting only Darryl and Sheila. In 2004, Darryl was accused of murdering a criminal after the Cleaners altered reality to protect the sisters from exposure. Though the sisters were able to save Darryl in the nick of time, he ceased contact with them altogether. Sheila was confused by his refusal to talk about them since the Elders altered reality to save him.

Sheila and Darryl's relationship faced obstacles throughout the year, and Sheila had her husband sleep on the couch for weeks. Kyra, a demonic seer, told Darryl to woo her with chocolate to win her back.

While initially supportive and a good friend, Sheila became frustrated when the sisters kept putting Darryl's life and career in danger and demanded that he stopped helping them. Darryl agreed after helping them one last time. In 2005, the Morris family relocated to the East Coast.


  • Sheila was first mentioned in "Animal Pragmatism", when Piper asked Darryl if he was at P3 for a nice romantic evening with his wife on Valentine's Day. She was not mentioned by name and did not appear until three years later.
  • When Sheila first appeared in "Centennial Charmed", it was the first time Paige met her, though it is unknown if Prue, Piper and Phoebe met her before.
  • Sheila was featured in two non-canonical novels: The Brewing Storm where she wanted a quiet weekend with Darryl and settled for a romantic evening when he came home after midnight; Pied Piper, where she picked up Darryl's sister and nephew when they came to visit; and one short story, Old Family Recipe, where she ate a cursed apple pie and started obsessing over fixing her front lawn before the magic reversed.



Sheila Morris appeared in a total of 9 episodes throughout the franchise.

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