The Shax Vanquishing Spell is a Power of Three spell written in Shax's entry in the Warren Book of Shadows.


In 2001, Phoebe Halliwell received a premonition about Dr. Griffiths being brutally killed by a demon named Shax. When the Charmed Ones got the doctor to the Manor, Phoebe went up to the attic to find the vanquishing spell in the Book of Shadows.

However, before Phoebe returned, Shax appeared and attacked Prue and Piper before turning to kill the doctor. However, at that moment Phoebe came downstairs and cast the spell, hurting Shax and driving him away. After this, Prue and Piper went outside to try to fid him while he was weak, Shax tried to attack them but Piper blew him up. However, they were filmed by a TV crew and since magic now had been exposed, Phoebe was forced to make a deal with the Source of All Evil, who ordered Tempus to reverse time. Lather that day, Shax tried to kill the doctor once again, but Prue and Piper cast the spell to vanquish Shax and successfully did but still in the street in the front of everybody.

It was a trap because time was reset just before Shax's attack at the manor. However this time Phoebe was not there to help her sisters and both Prue and Dr. Griffiths were killed.[1]

A week later, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell discovered they had a half-sister named Paige Matthews. The Source also found out and sent Shax to kill her to prevent her from reconstituting the Charmed Ones. However, when Paige appeared at the manor, the Charmed Ones were reconstituted and the new Power of Three cast the spell to vanquish Shax.[2]


Several years later, Shax manifested through Tyler Michaels and targeted Prue, who was inhabiting the body of a witch named Patience. He attacked her motel room and blasted her through a wall. After her sisters arrived, Prue joined them to vanquish Shax with the spell once more.[3]

The Spell

Is a demon of
Evil winds that blow,
That which forms below.
No longer may you dwell,
Death takes you with this spell.

Notes and Trivia

  • The first sentence of the spell is never spoken when the spell is cast. The sisters always start the spell with the second sentence.
  • It is technically the last spell Prue casts (prior to time restarting), as well as the first spell Paige casts on the show.


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