Shane: "Aren't you afraid that we're gonna to get caught?"
Paige: "I like an element of danger."
— Shane and Paige on the rooftop.[src]

Shane was the boyfriend of Paige Matthews when she first learned about her sisters and magical heritage. They had been dating for one month. At the time, The Source of All Evil had appointed Shax to kill Paige before she could reconstitute the Power of Three.


In 2001, shortly after Prue's death, Shane and Paige had been dating for one month. One night out at P3, Shane could tell something was wrong and asked her about it. Paige then shared that she was adopted and had once tried to locate her birth parents, which led her to the Halliwell sisters. However, she had given up when she learned their mother had died long ago. They later kissed and left the club, as Paige wanted to show him something.

Paige took Shane up to a rooftop. While they were there, Shax appeared and threw an aerokinetic blast at Shane and sent him flying into a vent, later causing him to be hospitalized. Shax then attempted to kill Paige, but she orbed out as a 'fear response' and dodged the attack. Freaked out, Paige ran away and later visited Shane in the hospital, where they were interrogated by Inspector Cortez.

After Paige united with her sisters to vanquish Shax, the Source of All Evil possessed Shane while he was in the hospital. He proceeded to lure Paige to the side of evil by manipulating her. While possessing Shane, he got her away from her sisters and later stabbed Cole Turner. He later confronted the sisters and the manor and tried to convince Paige to choose evil. However, when he began attacking Phoebe, Paige overcame his influence and joined her sisters on the side of good. The Source then left Shane's body and retreated.

"He doesn't know exactly what happened to him, but he knows its something bad and he knows it's somehow connected to me."
Paige about Shane.[src]

After the Source left Shane, Paige acknowledged that the experience of being possessed had been traumatic on him. Even though he wasn't sure what happened, he knew it was connected to Paige and the couple broke up.

Notes and Trivia

  • Shane is chronologically Paige's first love interest in the series.
  • Although he knows something bad happened to him, it is presumed he does not fully remember being possessed, and therefore doesn't know the sisters' secret.
  • Shane appeared in the book Charmed Again.



Shane appeared in a total of 2 episodes throughout course of the franchise.

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