"It gets easier. I think I went on five, six dates after my divorce until finally I started feeling comfortable dating people again."
—Seth to Piper.[src]

Seth was a mortal whom Piper Halliwell dated after she and Leo Wyatt were seperated.


In 2003, Piper went on a date with Seth. She was nervous, as he was her first date after Leo had left. She tried to cancel the date, though Phoebe encouraged her to go. Through her newfound empathy, Phoebe could tell Seth liked her. They went to a restaurant, where they talked about their divorces. When Seth asked Piper when her divorce was finalized, she said she hadn't filed yet, as it was a complicated arrangement. Before Piper could explain, Chris arrived to interrupt the date, as her sisters needed her. Seth later called the manor, though it is unknown if they went on another date.


Seth appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.