Sensing, sometimes known as Tracking, is the ability to determine the location and status of other beings by concentrating on them. It is a common power possessed by both Good and Evil.

Many good magical beings possess the ability to sense their charges, allowing them to locate them and determine if they are alright. Certain beings are capable of sensing when others are trying to find them and can track those trying to find them.[1][2]


Sensing a Charge[]

"I hear those voices, I feel that pain all the time."
Leo to Piper.[src]

Whitelighters and Cupids have the ability to locate their charges and loved ones, anywhere in the world. Their power also allow their charges and loved ones to communicate with them simply by calling out their name. However, this is a one-way connection; they can only hear their charges and loved ones speak.

Whitelighters share a special connection with their charges, allowing them to hear a charge's inner call whenever the charge is in immediate danger. However, Whitelighters can put charges on mute when they want to, just like Chris did when he heard Phoebe calling for him.[3]

This power also connects Whitelighters to their charges on a physical level; they can sense their charges well-being. For example; when Piper was eaten by the Big Bad Wolf, Leo knelt over in pain as he could sense her pain[4]. A Whitelighter's sensing will not work if a charge is dead or is in the Underworld. It is unconfirmed whether Cupids have the same limitations.

Blood Relation[]

Leo: "Do you sense him?"
Paige: "No, it's more like a... a magnetic pull"
— Leo and Paige talk about Sam.[src]

Beings related through blood while having sensing powers can sometimes feel a connection to their relatives, allowing them to find a blood relative easily.[5]

Power Sensing[]

"I only have the ability to sense great powers, not possess them. That's how I found you, that's how I'll find Ramus."
Arnon to Kevin.[src]

Power Sensing is the ability to sense great powers in others. The only known being to possess this power was the demon Arnon. He used it to find Ramus, an Elder, and Kevin, a powerful witch and future Elder.

The Wicked Witch of the Enchanted Forest sensed Paige's magic right before she was vanquished.

Teleportation Sensing[]

"We sensed your shimmer. You're losing your touch."
—A Seeker to Cole.[src]

The Seekers can sense other demons whenever they use their Shimmering power. However, they need to be close to where the shimmer took place. It's harder to track a demon in a cemetery.

The Titans can also sense if someone had orbed. Like with the Seekers, they need to be in close proximity to their target.

Sensing Evil[]

"I could always sense it. Before I suppressed my demonic self for Phoebe, I could sense how human killers from inside."
Cole explaining to Leo his sensing powers work.[src]
"You think you sense evil?"
Leo to Paige.[src]

Some demons, such as Belthazor could sense certain evil or demonic qualities in mortals. A by-product of Paige Matthews' Whitelighter ability to sense her charges is the ability to also sense evil. Phoebe can sense evil intentions in others through her power of Empathy as well as being able to pick up on demonic vibes through her Intuition. Wyatt could also sense evil in others, even if they are under a disguise.

The Book of Shadows has demonstrated on several occasions that it possesses the ability to sense evil, which allows it to protect itself from those trying to steal it.

Sensing the Source[]

"Demons can sense the Source's aura. It's how he reminds us of his power, his reach."
Cole Turner to Piper and Phoebe.[src]

Unique to demonkind, they can sense the Source's aura. The Source allows demons to do so, to remind them of his reach and power. Demons can harness this to track down the Source.

World Observation[]

" I could sense it all from my prison. I even know about the Avatars."
—Zankou to a demon.[src]

The demon Zankou possessed an advanced form of sensing, allowing him to be aware of world events during his imprisonment in the Underworld. Through this ability, he knew everything that had happened with the Source and was even aware of the Avatars.[6]

List of Users[]

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