Leo, lacking powers and feeling useless, cleans up the attic to impress Piper, but she worries about him, believing that he is obsessive. He has found a doll house, a small model of the manor. A demon, Craven, shimmers in, throws a sharp-edged boomerang, and disappears. The boomerang grazes Leo, and Piper is worried; but Leo refuses to hide. Piper goes to Paige at Magic School with the boomerang and asks her to scry with it.

Zankou tells Craven his ultimate plan: to lure The Charmed Ones into his lair, but not so much to fight them as to lure them out of the manor so he can find the Nexus.

Paige goes to Phoebe and tells her about the attack on Leo. Phoebe notes how Paige seems excited about this and Paige says she feels really cooped up at Magic School. Phoebe tries to claim a family emergency; but Elise has other plans. According to her, she has a family emergency and her top lieutenant Richard Dillard is out sick (it turns out they're planning a night out) and she leaves Phoebe in charge of the newspaper. Phoebe is flooded with issues and complaints from her co-workers immediately after Elise leaves the office.

Paige and Phoebe orb into the Underworld to fight demons but Phoebe has to quickly get back to work. Zankou flames in and summons some of his minions to fight them while he leaves. Demons also attack at the manor and Piper fights all of them off. Craven throws a boomerang and wounds Leo in the back before shimmering out. Wyatt sees, and transports Leo and Piper into the doll house in miniature form. After a bit of fighting, Paige and Phoebe manage to escape. The doors and windows are magically blocked on the doll house. Leo and Piper hear Paige entering the attic. Piper tries to blast to get Paige's attention, but in vain, Paige takes Wyatt and Chris to Magic School.

Zankou flames into the apparently empty manor, followed by Craven and a dozen demons. They spread out and look for the Nexus.

Phoebe calls Elise, trying to claim a family emergency, but Elise doesn't let her leave. She is struggling to run the paper and deal with all the issues and complaints. Paige tells Phoebe that Piper and Leo are missing. Paige and Phoebe go into Phoebe's office and orb to the manor. They find Zankou and his minions there, and he blasts them out the front door. Zankou orders his minions to stand guard and prepare for an attack by the Charmed Ones.

Piper finds where the doll house parts for playing, and blasts; she and Leo escape, and try to consult the Book of Shadows. Meanwhile, Zankou is reading Piper's diary and realizes how crushed she was when Prue died and that Piper would never leave to fight evil without making sure Leo was protected. Craven tells him that they have found the location of the Nexus. Meanwhile, Paige orbs into Phoebe's office for her help in finding Piper. Phoebe finally resolves all the issues and conflicts at the paper and orbs back to Magic School with Paige.

In the basement, Zankou opens the Nexus. The Shadow comes out, but instead of entering Zankou, it destroys three demons and retreats. Zankou realizes that Piper is still in the manor. He resolves to find Piper and Leo, who he suspects is somewhere in the manor with her, and orders his minions to find them.

Leo warns Piper that Zankou will be able to sense them now and that they must act quickly. Piper blasts the Book of Shadows to find a scrying spell. She uses it in reverse to draw the attention of Paige and Phoebe, but the blasting also draws the attention of two demons. Paige and Phoebe orb into a bathroom and fight their way to the attic - but Zankou greets them, with the miniature Piper and Leo inside of a box. Paige and Phoebe bluff Zankou, claiming that he needs the Power of Three to open the Nexus. Zankou restores Piper to full size and retains Leo as leverage.

Zankou and the Charmed Ones enter the basement with Leo still inside of the box. The sisters open the Nexus but The Shadow, however, enters Leo, restoring him to full size, since he's the only neutral being in the manor. He vanquishes Zankou's minions when they attack him. He blasts Zankou, who lands in the kitchen upstairs. Craven remarks that he knew they should've killed them and Zankou vanquishes him in anger. Zankou flames away before Leo enters the kitchen. Leo asks the sisters to take the Shadow out of him; they say a spell, and the Shadow returns to the Nexus.

That night, the sisters and Leo are hanging out at P3 when Paige spots Elise and Dillard dancing at the club. Phoebe decides to let it go and let Elise have her fun after all the times she has bailed over the years. Paige notes that Zankou has learned a lot about them, and the sisters don't think they've seen the last of him. Leo leaves to clean up the mess at the manor while Paige leaves to finish her work at Magic School. Piper and Phoebe, worried about Paige and Leo, consider an idea to resolve their issues.

The next day, Piper and Phoebe suggest that Leo take over as the Headmaster of Magic School. Paige happily resigns, finally free to live a life separate from magic again, and Leo accepts the position, now having a new purpose in his life.

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