Satyrs are a low-level magical beings of nature that lure Nymphs with their music and guide them to protect nature. Satyrs are weak beings and lack the power to protect themselves, making them defenseless around danger.

Nymphs are often in the company of 'their' Satyr and will seek out a new one if he is lost or killed. However, Nymphs may learn to no longer depend on Satyrs to guide them and become independent.


Xavier's Attack and Tull's Impersonation[]

A Satyr played a flute that attracted three nymphs, Miranda, Lily and Daisy. He was killed by a demon known as Xavier, who demanded the location of the Eternal Spring from the Nymphs. However, the Nymphs escaped and headed to San Francisco to find a new Satyr. Xavier's brother Tull later used the flute to lure the Nymphs to him and later succeeds in tricked them to take his to spring. Tull became invincible after drinking from the spring, but was turned into a tree by Piper and Paige. The sisters then told the Nymphs that they didn't need a Satyr to find out how to protect nature.

Lining Up for Excalibur[]

A cranky Satyr was one of the many magical beings that appeared at Halliwell Manor when the Charmed Ones found the legendary sword Excalibur, in order to try to claim the sword and become king. Like all others, he was unsuccessful in his attempt and left.

Powers and Abilities[]

Other Powers
  • Immortality: The ability to live an infinite lifespan at a ceased aging process.
Through pan flutes
  • Enchanted Allure: The ability to attract others. Satyrs can attract to attract nymphs to them by playing their pan flutes and a specific melody.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • A satyr was featured in Phoebe Who?. He was loved by the two nymphs he was assigned to, and loved their affection so much that he found himself unable to choose either when they asked him to. The trio visited Halliwell Manor to hold a counseling session with Phoebe. However, she had gone MIA, and Piper and Leo took over the session before it was disrupted by Flecter Demons and Aura Chen's coven. The satyr helped in the fight, then learned the Charmed Ones had more important matters to attend to than the personal issues of the Magical Community and returned home.


Satyrs have appeared in a total of 3 episodes throughout the course of the series.