Sarah is a young witch who came into her powers late in life. She presumably lives in or near Salem, Massachusetts and works at Salem Witch House, a tourist attraction. Her sole power is Telekinesis.


One day at work, Sarah was startled when a stone she was holding started floating in her hand. When her boss, Patience, told her that she could help, Sarah tried to deny she knew what she was talking about. Patience convinced Sarah to trust her when she showed her that she had the same ability. Patience informed Sarah that she was a witch and that she was not alone. Sarah went home to think, though she promised to be back the next day and not to abandon Patience during tourist season.

Sarah was used as a pawn in a plot by the Darklighter Rennek. He knew that Patience was actually Prue Halliwell, and that reuniting her with her sisters would result in cataclysmic events. Using the Jewel of Orthon, Rennek took control of Bailey's mind and used her to send Paige to Salem to recruit Sarah for Magic School. When Paige arrived, she ran into Prue, resulting in the aforementioned cataclysmic events.

The young witch was still living in Salem after Prue left. She was targeted by Witch Hunter Emily Fisk-Navarro, who stole her powers with a Book of Light. Her powers were restored after Prue reversed the magic.

Powers and Abilities[]

Basic Powers
Active Powers
  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects using only the power of one's mind.

Notes and Trivia[]


Sarah appeared in a total of 1 issue over the course of the series.