Sandmen, also known as Vir de Somnio, are a race of angelic beings that go around sprinkling dream dust on their charges to allow them to dream, and work out their inner conflicts. Without them, humans would become unable to work out their issues, consequently turning angry and violent.

Sandmen exist on a different plane of existence and consist of the same magical substance they spread. When they are killed, they dissolve into dream dust. Sandmen can only sleep when all of their charges are awake, which almost never happens.


"No. I may be made of dreams, but I don't shape them. Perhaps if you can figure out who was behind the mask. Characters in dreams always symbolise something specific in one's life, a special person, a certain feeling or pain. Unmask that, de-mystify it, and the character goes away."
—The Sandman to Phoebe.[src]

The sandmen were targeted and killed by Tracer Demons in exchange for a bounty from the demon Axel. One of them reached out to Phoebe and was rescued by the Charmed Ones. However, he was soon killed when a Tracer Demon used dream dust to weaken the sisters and accidentally bring their nightmares to life. The sisters then used the remains of the Sandman to enter their dreams and fix their problems, and eventually avenged him by vanquishing the Tracer, who had murdered Axel earlier to take over his reign.[1]

A sandman was among the good magical creatures to line up to attempt to pull Excalibur from its stone.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
  • Fading: An energy based form of teleportation. Sandmen can only use this power while they are on their plane.
Other Powers
  • Invisibility: The ability to be invisible to the naked eye. Sandmen are naturally invisible.
  • Intangibility: The ability to move through solid objects. Sandmen exist in an intangible state.
Powers via Dream Dust


Notes and Trivia

  • It is unknown which of the eleven planes Sandmen exist on.
  • The Sandman is most likely based on the Sandman of European folklore.


A Sandman appears in a total of 2 episodes throughout the course of the series.


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