San Francisco Police Department is the headquarters of the police in the city.


The Charmed Ones often go to the San Francisco Police Department for help regarding the law. They have made friends, and sometimes more, with some of the police officers there. However, some have died because of them.

Andy Trudeau worked here as an inspector along with his partner Darryl Morris before his untimely death. Darryl continued his work here and was eventually promoted to lieutenant, before relocating to the East Coast. Paige Matthews's husband, Henry Mitchell, works here as a parole officer.

Notable Employees[]


  • The exterior of the police department is the same one used on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • The set used for the interior shots is a redressing of The Bay Mirror set.
  • In the first two seasons, the officers and inspectors wore "shield" style badges similar to those used by the Los Angeles Police Department, and their uniform sleeve patches said "Metropolitan Police."  Their police car logos (except for the exterior front shots of the police department) also resembled LAPD vehicles.  In Season 3, Episode 15: "Just Harried," the uniforms and vehicle logos were changed to authentic SFPD designs such as "star" style badges, patches that read "San Francisco Police," and SFPD vehicle logos.  The authentic SFPD designs remained through the end of the series.