Bianca: "Here?"
Chris: "This is still our spot Bianca. No matter what he's done to it. Marry Me."
Bianca: "On one condition: You come back to me, safely."
Chris: "Have I ever let you down before?"
— Chris proposes to Bianca at their Spot. [src]

The San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts is a monumental structure in San Francisco. In the dark future, it serves as the special spot of Chris Halliwell and Bianca. It was at the palace that Chris proposed to her in the future, and where Bianca explained her actions in the present.

The Palace[]

Originally constructed in 1915, the Palace of Fine Arts is a monumental structure built from the Panama-Pacific Exposition to display magnificent works of arts situated on seventeen full acres of land. It is built around a small artificial lagoon and is comprised of a 1100 foot arch formed by rows of Corinthian columns framing a wide walkway, known as a pergola, around a central rotunda situated by the water.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The Palace is located in the Marina District of San Francisco, California on 3301, Lyon Street in the Bay Area.
  • It was originally designed by renowned architects William Gladstone Merchant and Bernard Maybeck.
  • It's architectural style of Beaux Arts based on Roman and Greek design.
  • The Palace can also be seen in a few opening scenes throughout the later seasons of the series.