San Francisco is a major port-city in the state of California, on the Western seaboard of the United States. It is the hometown of the Charmed Ones and as a result attracted many forms of evil.

Piper once joked regarding the number of warlocks that attack them, "What, are we like in the Warlocks Guide of San Francisco?".[1]

Apparently, there is a very low normalcy standard in San Francisco, to the point many magical/abnormal creatures would hardly draw attention; on one occation, the sisters doubted that even a man in chainmail would rise any suspition, and most people indeed just ignored him. Another time, Phoebe asked Paige worriedly that it seemed like all of San Francisco was acting weird. Paige jokingly responded "Besides, everybody is odd in San Francisco, that's why we fit in so well!"[2]

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Notes and Trivia[]

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco as seen on Charmed.

  • Charmed is primarily set in San Francisco, although usually filmed in Los Angeles. Every episode contains establishing shots of the cityscape with such notable landmarks as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Transamerica Pyramid.
  • Although never filmed there, several scenes are set in Golden Gate Park, located near the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • The episode titles "Sin Francisco" and "Sand Francisco Dreamin'" are, of course, references to the city.
  • Several times during establishing shots of the city, the Embarcadero Freeway is visible. While the bridge did run along the San Francisco Bay, it was demolished in 1991, seven years before Charmed even began airing. Still, these scenes were used because of the limited stock footage. Brad Kern and Jim Conway made a comment on this during the audio-commentary of "Still Charmed and Kicking". Much of the footage stock comes from '80's television series.
    • This footage also caused problems for the remastering of the series. The San Francisco shots could not be remastered from its source and had to be digitally enhanced. The shots are noticeably from a different quality.