Sam: "They made me a Whitelighter again. And I screwed up again. I guess I never got over..."
Piper: "Losing your daughter? Yeah, that's the one."
Sam and Piper talking about Paige

Sam, I Am is the 9th episode of the fifth season and the 97th overall episode of Charmed.


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Cole attacks The Charmed Ones as he realizes that he must eventually give in to evil destiny in the hope that the sisters will vanquish him and end his suffering.


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Magical Notes


Book of Shadows


Related to the darklighters, trackers are harder to kill
as they are unaffected by those means used to dispose
of darklighters. With their distinctive markings, trackers
pick off weak whitelighters to help thin the ranks of good.
The tracker will never give up once it has a whitelighter
in its sights. The only chance for the survival depends on
vanquishing the tracker.


Tracker Vanquishing Potion

Phoebe made a Vanquishing Potion for Ronan. When Cole called him and he Black Orbed in, Piper tried to blow him up, but he was made Immune to it by Cole. Phoebe then said he wouldn't be Immune to the potion, and threw it, but he was Immune to it as well.

Cole Turner Vanquishing Potions

While shot by the Tracker, Paige came up with an idea to vanquish Cole: combining three potions. The sisters created three potions, as strong as the one they used on the Source. Before going up against Cole, they tested it on the letter opener with Cole's acidic blood on it, and the potions completely destroyed it. However, Cole still survived after the combination of the three potions.


  • Regeneration: Used by Cole to heal himself after being shot.
  • Telekinesis: Used by Cole to fling the two robbers.
  • Energy Ball: Used by Cole to kill the robbers. He later used it to attack two Avatars. He later used it to vanquish Ronan.
  • Fading: Type of Teleportation used by the Avatars, the Elf Nanny and Cole.
  • Orbing: Type of Teleportation used by Leo, Paige and Sam.
  • Black Orbing: Type of Teleportation used by Ronan.
  • Apportation: Used by the Elf Nanny to apport a quill and parchment.
  • Molecular Combustion: Used by Piper to blow up Ronan's arm. She later tried to blow him up, but he was made Immune to it by Cole.
  • Healing: Used by Leo to heal Sam. Sam used it to heal Paige and Leo.
  • Conjuration: Used by Cole to conjure a new arm for Ronan.
  • Power Granting: Used by Cole to grant Ronan Immunity to witches' powers and potions.
  • Shapeshifting: Used by Cole to shapeshift into Sam and back into himself.
  • Ronan's Darklighter Arrows are tripled.
  • Orb Shield: Used by Piper's baby to protect Piper from within the womb.
  • Sensing: Used by Paige to sense Sam.


  • Darklighter Arrows - Ronan used these arrows to shoot Sam, Paige, Leo and Piper's baby. After Cole granted him Immunity, Ronan's arrows were tripled, causing him to be able to shoot Paige, Leo and Piper's baby (although the baby protected itself, using a Shield) at the same time.
  • Darklighter Crossbow - Used by Ronan to shoot Darklighter Arrows with.

Notes and Trivia

  • The WB title for this episode is Daddy Dearest.
  • Paige meets her biological father, Sam Wilder (Scott Jaeck), for the first time, he previously appeared in the season 2 episode "P3 H2O", and despite going into the afterlife with Patty there, it is revealed that he is made a Whitelighter again.
  • The Avatars make their first appearance in the series in this episode.
  • This episode marks the first time we see Wyatt's force field from within the womb.
  • This episode states that Phoebe's favourite band is The Flaming Lips.
  • Cole uses telekinesis similarly to Prue when flinging, except his sound effect didn't have as high pitch sound as hers, but you hear the flying effect when flinging.
  • In this episode Cole goes evil again in an attempt to get the sisters to vanquish him. Even though it doesn't work, he remains evil until he is vanquished by Phoebe in "Centennial Charmed".
  • The song that was playing when Paige and Sam were talking is the same song used near the end of "P3 H2O" after he drowns. It will play again at the end of the series finale. 

Cultural References

  • The title of the episode is a reference to words on a wooden sign in the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham (1960).
  • Piper says "You knew about this supernatural Jenny Jones reunion, didn't you?". This is a reference to Jenny Jones's talk show The Jenny Jones Show.


  • In P3, when Piper and Phoebe are talking about nannies and the camera is on Piper, the people in the background disappear only to reappear in the next shot.
  • Paige's lipstick changed colour from a bright red from the beginning of the episode to a darker red right in the middle of the scene where the Darklighter attacks.

Continuity Errors

  • Paige said that potions she created to kill Cole were more powerful than the one they used on the Source. However, the sisters never used any potions against the Source (this will be repeated in Oh My Goddess! Part 1).


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International Titles

  • French: Invincible (Invincible)
  • Czech: Jsem Sam (I Am Sam)
  • Slovak: Sam ostal sám (Sam Left Alone)
  • Russian: Хранитель для хранителя [Hranitel′ dlja hranitelja] ("Whitelighter"/Curator for "Whitelighter"/Curator)
  • Spanish (Spain and Latin America): Yo soy Sam (I Am Sam)
  • Serbian: Ja sam Sem (I Am Sam)
  • German: Unverwundbar (Invulnerable)
  • Italian: Mi chiamo Sam (My Name is Sam)
  • Hungarian: Nevem Sam (My Name is Sam)
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