The Safety Spell is a spell written in the Warren Book of Shadows. It allows witches to erase everyone (mortals included) from their home except themselves.


Cynda Fritz Marshall Vanquish

The Shapeshifters vanquished.

The Charmed Ones used this spell in 1998 when three shapeshifters, Marshall, Fritz and Cynda, were planning to steal the Book of Shadows and eventually kill them.

When the sisters cast the spell, wind blew through the hall, while the shapeshifters were melting and eventually vanquished. Victor Bennett was also affected by the spell, which caused him a great amount of pain, though his Protection Ring shielded him.[1]


When in the circle
that is home,
safety's gone and
evils roam.
Rid all beings from
these walls,
save us sisters three
now heed our call.


  • When the sisters cast the spell, they said "save sisters three" rather than "save us sisters three" as it is written in the Book of Shadows. Nevertheless, the spell worked.
  • The spell was used in the short story, Family History, from the anthology book, The Warren Witches. The sisters used it against a powerful demoness named Astarte. The spell was only powerful enough to drive her away.