"It's actually an ancient form of magical voyeurism. The ronyx crystal predates even the crystal ball. Our demon friends must have found a way to put a new spin on an old idea."
Gideon about the crystals.[src]

Ronyx Crystals are an ancient form of magical voyeurism which predates even the crystal ball. The black crystals can be used to observe and record events, while the red crystals can project these events in the form of a hologram.



The Ronyx crystal activated.

Corr and Clea used these crystals as "cameras" for their demonic gameshow Witch Wars. After deciding to use the gameshow as a distraction, Gideon placed these crystals in the manor. When Paige and Leo vanquished a Brute Demon, they found the red crystal and learned they were being observed.

At Magic School, Gideon showed the sisters an entry about the crystals. When Phoebe tried the activation spell, Gideon secretly activated the crystal and they saw Corr presenting his gameshow. Gideon convinced the Charmed Ones that Corr and Clea were the ones after Wyatt, causing the sisters to vanquish them and end the show.[1]

Magic School Book[]


The entry on the Ronyx Crystal created by Gideon.

Ronyx Crystal[]

Created by the famed wizard, Venarnd-Mix, in this, the
Age of Grand Wonder, the Ronyx Crystal is indeed
rare and powerful. Its primary use is to facilitate
clairvoyance, breaking through the ethereal curtain
with almost perfect clarity. Its deep ruby colouring is
thought to aid tremendously in this function. Venarnd
himself has claimed it as the single greatest magical
construction known to date and will be a prototype
for devices of magical age for millenniums to come. The
words of power that activate the Ronyx Crystal are:
Mallock Cormon Alli-tas

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Since Gideon created the entry and the spell doesn't work, it is possible that the history described in the entry is also fake.

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